Liz Truss is “determined” to find a solution to the dispute over the status of Northern Ireland after Brexit

Liz Truss is “determined” to find a solution to the dispute over the status of Northern Ireland after Brexit

Liz Truss is “determined” to find a solution to the dispute over the status of Northern Ireland after Brexit

New UK Prime Minister Liz Truss said on Wednesday she was “determined” to work with “all sides” to resolve Northern Ireland’s post-Brexit status crisis, which caused a political stalemate in the province and a surrender. of accounts with the European Union. The Northern Irish Protocol, negotiated at the time of Brexit, creates a de facto customs border between the island of Great Britain and the British province, complicating supplies and angering unionists linked to membership in the United Kingdom.

“We have to tackle the problems of the Northern Ireland Protocol, which has damaged the balance between the communities of Northern Ireland. I am determined to do so and determined to work with all parties to find a solution, “she said during her first question and answer session in parliament as head of government.” My preference is for a negotiated solution, but then it has to resume. the elements of our Northern Irish Protocol legislation, “he insisted.

Safeguarding Peace in Northern Ireland

Faced with the stalemate of local political institutions and after months of fruitless negotiations, London has indeed introduced a law, currently under parliamentary review, to unilaterally revoke some key provisions of this agreement, attracting threats of reprisals to Brussels. The European Commission, for its part, has launched a total of seven infringement procedures against London for non-compliance with the protocol.

The latter was conceived to achieve a twofold objective: to protect the integrity of the European single market and to avoid the return of a land border which would risk undermining peace. However, for several months now, unionists have refused to form a local executive, which should be shared with Sinn Fein Republicans now in a majority, if the text is not challenged. “We can’t let this drag on because my number one priority is to protect the supremacy of the Good Friday Agreement,” which in 1998 ended three decades of conflict between unionists, mostly Protestants, and essentially Catholic-backed Republicans. of reunification with the Republic of Ireland, insisted Liz Truss.

However, the text was never fully implemented because grace periods on controls were introduced and extended for products such as non-frozen meat or medicines. This dispute is also at the center of tensions between London and Washington, and the subject was raised on Tuesday evening during the first telephone conversation between Liz Truss and Joe Biden, of Irish descent.

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