Longoria very clear on the subject of the sale of the club

Longoria very clear on the subject of the sale of the club

Longoria very clear on the subject of the sale of the club

Goal Zapping! soccer team OM: the complete record of the Marseillais

If he expected a quiet press conference yesterday afternoon, Pablo Longoria must have quickly become disenchanted. The OM president wanted to take stock of the transfer window. He was asked about his inability to sell his players dearly but also about the sale’s sea snake. The Spaniard was categorical on the subject … as on previous occasions: “First thing. I was on the phone with Frank McCourt, after the transfer window on Thursday. We spent an hour and a half there. We were going to play, like he found the team, how we will make Harit play … Really, we see every day that he likes to follow the team. “

“He stays with us a lot, a lot in all sporting discussions and is happy with the improvement. He told me he was happy with the transfer window, with the team we have built. We have ambitions. But football, if we talk about ambition like money, in this case no German club can be competitive in Europe, no Spanish with economic control … For me the ambition is not the money. The ambition is to be present. Frank, he is present. We know that we have a solid owner, we have an owner who gives us confidence, who supports us in all the changes we have brought to the club. He has supported them from day one. He is happy with the manager. He shows such support for the manager that it is impressive to see the level of commitment If having ambition c means putting in 100 million euros a season, I don’t believe in this type of football, to be honest. create a squadr to even more competitive. Because we believe that sporting results are what allows us to have more money every season to make a better team. For me, the football of the future is that. I don’t believe in football where an owner arrives with 200 million euros to do things. “

to summarise

During the press conference organized yesterday to take stock of the summer transfer window, the president of OM, Pablo Longoria, was questioned about the sale. And once again he explained that it wasn’t relevant at all.

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