Lost in the game

Lost in the game

Lost in the game

Hand game …

The story is both simple and somewhat cryptic: you play two children lost between reality and imagination. If the little sister creates a monster disguise to run after her brother, she ends up turning into a ferocious bear from which she will have to escape. And so on. Every situation is a pretext for the game, with characters straight out of fairy tales (well almost) like these three frogs with pointy hats, or this strange old gentleman who has wings and a magic wand.

Yes, Lost in Play is a family game to put in everyone’s hands, whatever the age of the child. The reading level is double, with images that will make children laugh and that will question adults. No bad words, no rudeness, no images that are neither violent nor classified. Not even the text, although the game is entirely in French: children speak a dialect known only to them, and all clues or inscriptions are in the form of pictograms. Lost in Play can then embark the whole family on its adventure. Especially with its refined and cartoonish graphics, you really feel like you are immersed in an interactive episode.

… bad game?

Lost in Play is therefore a point’n’click, but not only. You have at your disposal several screens, which form a scene. Each screen is full of details, elements that you can manipulate. Above each interaction point a small bubble is displayed indicating what kind of action is possible: a hand to take or operate, a small bubble to dialogue / talk. The items you collect reside in your inventory, accessible with the X button. You can then use them (or try them out) by selecting them and interacting with the environment. Curiosity: the character (brother or sister depending on the moments of the scenario) always tries to do what you ask him, even if the action is doomed to failure. The animations are numerous, particularly mastered and almost make you want to crash and see all the possible interactions!

But that is not all. To break with the monotony that can quickly settle in this type of games, Lost in Play also offers puzzles and mini-games. So, succeeding in this or that action will only have the effect of throwing yourself into a somewhat special game of checkers against a forest creature, putting the sheep in exactly the right place, etc. The mechanics of these minigames are varied: no one has the same type of puzzle and that’s good! There is something for all tastes, for all logics and interests. For the little ones, this reserves moments with the family to overcome them. The idea of ​​adding this type of content totally energizes the gaming experience – you never know what’s going to happen. The suspense and attraction of these breaks are all the more interesting as they add a touch of humor to the already rather bizarre title. And if you are lost, don’t panic: long pressing on Y gives you a visual clue in all situations!

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