Love is in the meadow: Stéphanie publishes a very compromising photo of Hervé!

Love is in the meadow: Stéphanie publishes a very compromising photo of Hervé!

Love is in the meadow: Stéphanie publishes a very compromising photo of Hervé!

Is in the the last season of love is in the meadow that we could see Hervé find love with Stéphanie. Having never known his love in life, the farmer has finally found someone. So it’s been over a year since this lovely couple formed and it looks like turns perfect love. In addition, the couple is very active, enjoying concerts and other good projects, and this, always with a touch of humor. And Stephanie’s photo proves it well. We explain everything to you here.

Hervé and Love is in the meadow

Hervé took part in the show Love is in the meadow last year. In it, he had scored many spectators. In fact, when the peasant presented himself like this, he spoke thus of his past non-existent in love. And so he confessed his virginity to him. Fortunately, quite quickly, during the show, he meets a Norman caregiver that changed things. At the time, she was competing with Vanessa who also craved Hervé.

But very quickly, the two rivals of Love is in the meadow made up their minds. It turns out that Hervé and Stéphanie eventually exchanged a first kiss. And over time it went adrift a very busy night that has turned the whole house upside down.

But Stephanie has a difficult past in love. So after finding love through Love Is in the Meadow, she decided to destroy her ex’s photo album of hers. An action that you have taken in front of Internet users who have particularly appreciated this moment. While the nurse did this, Hervé was nearby. He was very serious at the time. Such an act is not trivial and had a meaning. ” I understood his message very well (…) He opens his heart to me ”. And indeed, Stéphanie has completely changed along with Hervé. She who was severe is no longer severe, and that’s what Hervé likes.

alter ego

And it is precisely this taste for humor that has completely seduced Hervé and that makes their relationship last. In fact, Love is in the meadow that allowed Hervé to find his alter ego. In fact, he isn’t never fails in humor. And his caregiver doesn’t fail to respond or even tease his sweetie when he gets the opportunity. It was also last March that the fiancée shared a rather special photo of her. In fact, we can see the farmer dressed only in a towel, with a puffy chest, a hollow back and a teasing smile on his lips. A true top model accompanied by the music of the famous Kanye West.

love is in the meadow
Source: Instagram Capture Story

But since love is in the meadow, a year has already passed since the couple was formed. There have already been many good times and also a marriage proposal. And since then, the two have calmed down. This is also the proof with which his partner shared last Sunday an unflattering shot of him sleeping on the sofa.

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