LudoVox – Forgotten Waters – Frigate having fun

LudoVox – Forgotten Waters – Frigate having fun

LudoVox – Forgotten Waters – Frigate having fun

Forgotten waters is a “Crossroad game” of Mr. Bistrot, J. Arthur Ellis and Isaac Vega. The latter is co-author of Dead of winters, another game of the “Crossroad game” type. It’s all about games semi-narrativeWhat the hell was he going to do in this mess?

In Forgotten waters we embody pirate, in a somewhat magical world, populated by krakens, witches and other imaginary creatures. At the start of the game, each player will complete a character sheet with five keywords of your choice. This sheet first indicates your character’s history, his past and his motivations: why he finds himself there, on this pirate ship. This text is meant to be humorous but sometimes falls flat : Repeated use of the five keywords to form somewhat unusual sentences is a little weird, and ultimately not that fun.

Back of the personal card: the background of the character to be completed and the personal events that will be activated during the game.

The character sheet mainly indicates a constellation, which represents the personal goal of the hacker. Depending on the number of “!” filled at the end of the game, his fate will end: evil / good / gloriously, with three different paragraphs of the epilogue. But you must first reach the end of the scenario, a common goal that unites the players. As in many co-op games, there is only one way to win, but there are many ways to lose (if the ship’s hull level drops to zero, for example, or having to read the fifth and final paragraph threatens).

Character sheet: the three possible conclusions and the constellation to check to reach these conclusions. Below, the 6 skill tracks you can progress on.

Step away

Forgotten waters is a game that will tell you a story (actually five, since the box is made up of five independent scenarios of varying difficulty), and the narration is carried from a web page. You will therefore need to have a smartphone / tablet / computer at hand to play it. During the game, players will have to read aloud what is happening to the crew. It is possible to play offline (in a cave or in the middle of the ocean), but if you have internet access, you canlisten to the text interpreted by actresses and actors, accompanied by the sound effects typical of pirate films (cry of the seagulls, cannon shots, creaking ship’s wood). I highly recommend listening to the audio track, the actors are frankly gifted, the dialogues often hilariousand the soundtrack contributes to the immersion in the pirate universe.

A few snippets of text advance the main story, but often a player will have to do so make a choice, following an extravagant event (eg “You find one of your teammates hiding to read self-help books. What do you do? Will you talk to him or leave him alone?”). A paragraph will follow that will indicate the consequences for you (reward or penalty). Each scenario has a certain replayability since the events encountered (linked to the extracted location tiles) and their rewards are different. For example, you might come across a character who strongly resembles Gollum or come across a barely hidden allusion to the film. titanic. However, the main frame of the scenario always remains the same, and therefore you will always have to go through the same key locations and face the same opponents or missions. The rewards / penalties you receive are resources or skill / power cards (between a

Some treasures you can find.

Depending on your character or scenario, you can collect specific Story cards.

The heart of the game lies in a log bookas in Almanac, near and far Where is it Stories of stuffed animals (the latter is published by Plaid Hat Games, as is Forgotten waters And Dead of winters, already mentioned above). During their adventures, players will visit several double pages of the book. On the left a nice illustration, and on the right the slots with the available actions. Each area has a title and some icons that give an idea of ​​the tested skills and possible rewards. The players then have 40 seconds to place themselves in the different zones, based on their position in the initiative order (called the trace of infamy in the game). As the game is cooperative, you will need to coordinate quickly, but the early ones on the infamy trail will sometimes want to play it personally in order to progress in skills and advance towards their personal goal.

You won’t have time to read what exactly the actions do. Trust their names and the icons shown on the left.

Our boat figurine moves based on player actions. Randomly drawn numbered position tiles create different adventures from game to game. The islands correspond to a given scenario.

The actions available depend on where you are: at sea, on land, in combat. We will thus be able to win treasures (skill / power) with funny names, food (on a collective track), improve your level on six skill tracks, go up (or descend) on the track of infamy, perform skills.

Collective traces of supply, growl / crew and threat with the current stage of the scenario.

Traces of the hull of the boat, guns and quadrants relating to the combat and trace of infamy (= initiative).

God doesn’t play dice … but pirates do!

During the game the players will do this acquire skill levels which they will note on their character sheet. This will allow them to move forward in their constellation and reach the famous “!” which will define their level of success in destiny. But improving your skill levels is also needed increase his probability of passing the tests, which the pirate will have to carry out with a D12. The value to consider is the sum of the roll, the skill level on the personal card and the skill icons provided by the treasures. Each test usually has three ranges of results which will define the reward or penalty won. Sometimes it will be three different paragraphs to read or listen to.

Raise token and bad luck token. The latter requires you to roll two dice and keep the weaker one.

At the time of the distribution of tasks (chrono of 40 s), players don’t have the time (and they shouldn’t!) to read the detailed test results, which contributes to the happy chaos in choosing the action where you put your figurine. The icons still indicate the type of test that will be carried out, hence the usefulness of letting someone competent enough to put themselves in the right place, because sometimes it will be necessary to score 14+ (impossible with only a D12) to reach the level of success .

The actions are performed from the top to the bottom of the page, then the paragraph at the end of the round is read: reading the Threat paragraphs, changing the page of the book if the pirates have moved, reading the Constellation events (“!”) For those who they have achieved it.

The turns are then chained (placement of stickers on actions in less than 40 s and resolution of actions) until the end of the game. This takes about 4 hours (unless there is a previous defeat condition), but the game offers a save point in the middle of the scenario (players can of course stop at another time if they wish). They will have to write down on a dedicated sheet, the situation (treasures, location of the boat, level of the various collective tracks). It has the advantage of existing, but it is a bit painful and therefore we preferred to play the complete part in one breath (also not to forget the story and what needed to be done to continue to advance in achieving the objective of the scenario).

A long journey

The game is advertised for 3 to 7 players, but there is a variant to play in 2 or even alone. The differences in terms of rules are pretty minimal, except that thewe lose the chafouin side taking or being targeted by the targeted space based on its position on the infamy track. Be it one or four, mine the games last about 4 hours. Our game at 7pm lasted more like 5:30 am, during the latter we reached the end of the scenario, but none of the players had time to unlock its glorious ending. In other words, we focused so much on making the script that we haven’t made enough progress on our personal goal. Quite the opposite of our first game, which we had lost (sunk boat) but having almost everyone unlocked the last level of our personal goal. So I would recommend playing Forgotten waters up to 5 players, so as not to risk finding themselves in the same situation as our 7-player game and for a slightly shorter playing time. Also, it seems to me that 4 hours for such a game is a bit too long. The story is interesting, but mechanically the rounds repeat themselves a bit. It would have been preferable to have more scenarios but with a duration of 2h30-3h.

Unpredictable weather

As you will have understood, even if there is a small phase of placement of workers, we are very far from a Forgotten waters it has the quality of daring to venture into a field that has not yet been explored. The mix of genres (narrative / semi-cooperative / job placement / chaotic) may not be suitable for everyonebut the playful experience deserves to be tried at least once.

Finally, we point out the Writing quality and the originality of the stories, full of twists and turns (especially in “Alive or Dead”), and the presence of many female pirate characters, which I did not expect, given the usually exclusively male representation in pirate films / novels

. As a counterexample, we have (among others) in the entertainment industry, Jamaica And

which featured three real-life female pirates.

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