Luka Doncic: “I disappointed my team, my country”

Luka Doncic: “I disappointed my team, my country”

Luka Doncic: “I disappointed my team, my country”

Excellent as an individual throughout the EuroBasket, Luca Doncic he stopped eventually, at the worst possible moment, when his team was in trouble, hit by Poland. Without the usual genius of its leader, the Slovenian selection thus worked in slow motion, and in the end failed to overcome the Polish obstacle, more difficult to maneuver than one can imagine, despite an astounding third quarter.

Physically diminished, visibly hit in the lower back and therefore not as responsive as usual, Luka Doncic made a mixed copy, for his latest outing of the tournament. He has collected 15 points at 5/15 shots, 11 rebounds and 7 assists, but also 6 lost balls and 5 fouls, synonymous with premature end of the game (three minutes from the end of the match). Beyond the statistics, we felt very frustrated, as always towards the referee body, as this technical foul received in the last act.

In short, Luka Doncic was not really in his plate in this quarter-final, and, stern with himself as a good competitor, he accuses himself of not having been able to find other resources to help his people. .

I was probably 100%, that’s for sure he logically admitted after the meeting. ” I also got an injection in the third trimester. I had a lot during this EuroBasket, but that’s not a reason to explain my performance. I was bad. I disappointed my team, my country. It’s my fault.

Poland has not stolen the ticket for the last four

Far from making an excuse of his physical problems, the Dallas player did not forget to congratulate his executioners of the day. If the outcome of the match could have been different with a 100% physical “Luka Magic”, the fact remains that Poland played very well and fully deserved the victory.

First of all, congratulations to Poland he said, opening the post-match press conference. ” From the first to the last minute they played an incredible game. This is a very important time for them. As for us, we didn’t play as we would have liked. The energy was not there. We are certainly back, but Poland continued to fight. Well done again.

He then assured that Slovenia had not underestimated the opponent of the day. The result of this match is, according to him, rather the result of a very homogeneous level this year in the tournament, and therefore of a rather small margin in the end between most of the teams qualified for the final stages.

With the successive defeats of Serbia, Greece and Slovenia, the three favorites of the competition, it quickly became apparent that there was no obvious hierarchy in this EuroBasket.

We give Poland the credit it deserves. Many people saw us as favorites, but Poland has a hell of a team! I made the same speech after our match against Belgium. […] This EuroBasket is something! There are a lot of good teams he concluded.

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