Luka Doncic showed his ugly face at the finish

Luka Doncic showed his ugly face at the finish

Luka Doncic showed his ugly face at the finish

It was on another planet. He seemed untouchable. His teammate Goran Dragic even stated that he could one day become the GOAT. After the eliminations of Nikola Jokic and Giannis Antetokounmpo, Luka Doncic had an avenue to become the king of Europe. But this Wednesday night, during the defeat against Poland, the Dallas superstar fell from a very high level …

Before the game, the only reason that could have us believe in a reversal of Poland was Luka Doncic’s ankle. The phenomenon had not trained on Monday after the victory in the round of 16 against Belgium, he who instead showed up with an ice bag at the height of his foot. Unfortunately for the Slovenians, the concerns we had for Luka were legitimate when we see the scenario of Wednesday’s match against Poland. Doncic played 35 of his team’s 40 minutes, but very quickly we felt we were not ahead of the REAL Doncic. Settling first to play with the others and distribute caviar, Luka then dived with his entire team during a disastrous second quarter for Slovenia (13-29 for the Poles in the period). It was then that Luka Magic became Luka Tragic, showing his evil face amidst the Slovenian depression. Playing on one leg, generally in difficult physical conditions, losing balls and clumsy at the finish, Doncic has chained galleys as we sometimes chained them when we are simply having a bad night. And when Doncic is having a bad night, he’s the guy who climbs towers fast enough to go grumble to the referees or berate some of his friends with him who aren’t doing the job well enough.

If Luka Doncic participated a lot in the comeback of the Slovenes in the third quarter (24-6 for Slovenia) being much more acute, it was only a sunny interlude in an evening that belonged to the Poles. Luka’s side – who had still taken control by leading by five points midway through the fourth quarter – ended up collapsing in the face of AJ Slaughter and Co’s resilience. As a symbol, it was when the game changed sides that Doncic received a technical foul for all his work, before chaining two bricks on the free throw line at 79-76 for Poland. A few possessions later, Luka received his fifth foul, synonymous with expulsion. Hard, very hard for the triple NBA All-Star, forced to watch – helplessly – the last minutes from the bench. The last image we will have of Luka in this EuroBasket 2022 is the image of a super frustrated star who sends bird names to the referees at the end of the game. after a foul not whistled on Klemen Prepelic in the last moments. Not quite the conclusion we expected after Luka’s madness night after night during this competition. Doncic has therefore just left Berlin from the back door, with probably the least accomplished performance of his Euro given the stakes: 14 points, 11 rebounds, 7 assists, 6 turnovers, 5 fouls, all at 5/15 shots including a small 2/7 to 3 points and 1/4 to free throws. Ugly.

“Physically I probably wasn’t 100%. I got an injection in the third trimester. I had to face many things during this EuroBasket. But that’s not why we lost. Today I played very badly, I disappointed my team, I disappointed my whole country. “

– Luka Doncic, go Basketball news

Luka Doncic wanted to take Slovenia to the top for the second consecutive European Championship title. But like Jokic, like Giannis, he fell victim to the magic of this EuroBasket, definitely like no other. And this, we imagine that it goes very badly at Luka The Don …

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