Magali Berdah denounces the attitude of Twitter and Instagram

Magali Berdah denounces the attitude of Twitter and Instagram

Magali Berdah denounces the attitude of Twitter and Instagram

The founder of the leading influencer agency is regularly taken over by Booba, but also by thousands of internet users. He regrets the laxity of American platforms.

Questioned on multiple occasions, Magali Berdah, founder of Shauna Events, the leading influencer agency, responded on September 14 during a press conference held in Paris. Those who have recently been the subject of a France 2 report on the excesses and scams of influencers did not want to go back to these controversies. For nearly 45 minutes, she wanted to talk about online harassment, but also about death threats.

Among the figures advanced by Me Antonin Gravelin-Rodriguez, Magali Berdah’s lawyer, about 100,000 hateful messages addressed to her, as well as to her relatives, for a dozen complaints filed during the summer for harassment, insults, defamation, but also threats of death and anti-Semitic attacks.

If his name wasn’t mentioned once during the press conference, it is rapper Booba who is accused of orchestrating this wave of online hatred, with 200 publications by him summoning Magali Berdah on social networks in three months.

Booba “a stalker”

“Today this man who presents himself as an informer is a stalker. The fight to protect our children [contre les dérives des réseaux sociaux, ndlr] it cannot be worn by a man who foments hatred on social media and elsewhere ”warned Magali Berdah.

During the press conference, Me Antonin Gravelin-Rodriguez also returned to what he considers the passivity of Instagram and Twitter in the face of hate messages, but also publications that have revealed the personal address and the floor of Magali’s apartment Berdah.

A publication from an account that has not been permanently suspended from Instagram, assures BFMTV. And this despite the “Samuel Paty amendment”, which punishes the offense of endangerment by publishing personal data.

To identify the perpetrators of hate or threat messages, the police must obtain the IP addresses of the Internet users who sent them. Data that only platforms have. Based in Ireland, the latter regularly refuse to provide this information, without being sanctioned. An attitude denounced by Magali Berdah, who she believes to have personally contacted Twitter and Instagram, without obtaining a response.

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