MAP.  Are the temperatures still above normal for the season in early September?

MAP. Are the temperatures still above normal for the season in early September?

MAP.  Are the temperatures still above normal for the season in early September?

At the end of a particularly sweltering summer, the temperatures of these very first days of September 2022 are still fixed at values ​​above the seasonal norm.

“We are still in warm and even rather heavy conditions in the country, with 30 ° C still rising between the Mediterranean region and the south-east”the meteorologist of Météo France Sébastien Léas tells us this Tuesday 6 September. “We have temperatures that are sometimes still quite unpleasant, in particular the minimum temperatures which remain very high. This warm, humid and slightly heavy air will locally generate severe thunderstorms between the edge of the Mediterranean and the northeastern quarter. “

For example, in Toulouse the minimum temperature has never been higher in September. This Monday, September 5th, with 22.9 ° C, a new monthly minimum temperature record was recorded in the city. Support map, we take stock of the situation by territory.

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Up to 6-7 ° C above normal in the Northeast and Southeast

Throughout France, temperatures are above normal for the season. “In fact, we are at the beginning of September which is in line with everything we experienced in the months of June, July and August”, comments Sébastien Léas.

This Monday, 24 ° C in Brest and Cherbourg, 30 ° C near Nantes and Paris, 33 ° C in Strasbourg … “These are temperatures far above normal for the season”, according to the meteorologist.

Almost everywhere, according to Sébastien Léas, temperatures are 3 to 4 ° C higher than those normally recorded in the country at this time. But there are also regions where these temperatures are up to 6-7 ° C above normal. “For example, in the north-east, on Tuesday we have up to 30 ° C and the normal temperature is quite between 22 and 23 ° C. It is the same on the Toulouse side. On Tuesday we hit 33 ° C and the reference is 26 ° C. “

To see better, here is the map showing the differences between the average temperatures recorded from 1 to 5 September 2022 and the seasonal norms (1981-2010) in the departmental capitals:

What Sébastien Léas particularly notices, in early September, is that the minimum temperatures do not drop enough and are difficult for the human body to bear. “Because it is more difficult for organisms to rest with such high minimum temperatures and such high humidity. “

In the cities of the French Riviera the minimum temperatures remain above 20 ° C until today.

Autumn promises to be warmer than normal, according to first forecasts

So what’s the trend for the next few days? “Despite everything, we have a slightly more moderate air approaching from the northwest and slowly spreading over at least a large northern half of the country. The heat will also begin to decrease in the southern half regions. We should find values ​​a little more in line with seasonal norms from this Friday a priori “, the meteorologist from Météo France tells us. But these falling temperatures this weekend could very well start rising again next week.

In the long run, for the next three months, “The most likely scenario for the September-October-November quarter is that of a warmer than normal climate in France indicates Météo France in its bulletin for the next three months published on 2 September.

If the weather service believes in this warmer scenario, it is because of“A favorable context for the shift towards northern Europe of oceanic flows and the circulation of perturbations. “ While noting that this seasonal scenario does not exclude occasional episodes with temperatures that may be locally below normal.

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