“Marilyn Monroe” makes people jealous in this Brad Pitt arm dress

“Marilyn Monroe” makes people jealous in this Brad Pitt arm dress

“Marilyn Monroe” makes people jealous in this Brad Pitt arm dress

This Thursday, September 9, the film crew Blond hair was in the City of the Doges to present the new nugget of netflix. The biopic dedicated to Marilyn Monroe is eagerly awaited on the platform. Ana de Armas there she embodies the legendary actress, to whom she too wanted to pay homage with an outfit that has not gone unnoticed. Brad Pittproducer of the feature film, he also walked the red carpet alongside the Cuban actress.

the feature film is adapted from novel eponym of the writer Joyce Carol Oates. Its director, Andrew Dominik, decided to transcribe his words into pictures, in collaboration with netflix. After her roles in To knives out, Deep waters or The gray man, Ana de Armas dipped into Marilyn Monroe’s skin. It took 15 years to the Australian director to bring this film project to life.

Ana de Armas plays Marilyn Monroe in Blond hair

For Ana de Armas, Blond hair shows the story of feminist side of the life of Marilyn Monroe. She told Netflix Queue: ” Andrew’s ambition was clear from the start. It is about presenting a version of the life of Marilyn Monroe through his gaze. She wanted the world to experience what it means to be Marilyn, but also Norma Jeane. This is the proposal the boldestsincere and feminist about her life that I have never seen.

It took Ana de Armas a year to embody the legendary Marilyn diction and’imitation poses of the stars. Each shoot was also preceded by two or three hours of styling And trick. A preparation that explains that the snapshots and trailers shared in the last few weeks have surprised netizens. Indeed, Ana de Armas it seems to mistake for the 1950s star.

The 2h45 feature film was shown for the first time in France, on Friday 9 September, at 18:00 Deauville. On this occasion, Ana de Armas received the New Hollywood Award. Launched in 2011, the latter rewards ” the talent, passion and commitment of actors and actresses on the path of creation. “An award already given to Ryan Gosling, Jessica Chastain or Daniel Radcliffe. A price that the manufacturer made Blond hair, Brad Pittpresent alongside the Cuban actress at the Venice Film Festival.

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A dress in homage to the iconic style of Marilyn Monroe

The fluffy dress is signed Louis Vuitton. The neckline and the pleats recall the creation, which has become a cult, by William Travilla for Seven years of reflection. Named here is the very famous White dress of the Hollywood icon. The images of that dress flying over the subway vent have spanned generations to become legendary. the powder pink it is also a nod to another famous outfit of the star: the strapless dress in The Men prefer blondes.

Ana de Armas’s outfit offers a taste while finesse and eleganceof what awaits Netflix subscribers with Blond hair. The feature film will be available on the streaming platform from September 23 next. Meanwhile, the Cuban actress shared some of them cliche extracts from the film, which only amplify our desire to discover the images. In the program? Blonde bob hair, iconic neo near the mouth and bright lipstick! The similarity between the two women is surprisingly amazing!

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