Massadio Haidara: “I won’t play like Jonathan Gradit”

Massadio Haidara: “I won’t play like Jonathan Gradit”

Massadio Haidara: “I won’t play like Jonathan Gradit”

Open to the idea of ​​evolving into a position he knows little about, Massadio Haidara became the number 1 pick to complete the bottom line trio. In the absence of Jonathan Gradit, for several weeks, the professional left will have to find new automatisms. Massadio Haidara, during the match against Troyes, you entered the field early in the game to replace Jonathan Gradit as right axial. How did you feel about it?
It’s an unusual position for me, but it’s like playing on the left side after all. I just need more benchmarks and another way to anticipate when I get the ball. I’m not necessarily strong in these conditions, so you have to adapt to play correctly. I tried to work on it this week in training because I did what I could in matches. I am going to do my best.

What difficulties do you find in this new role?
It is mainly found in the ball exits. Because orientation is different, and on my strong foot, it’s necessarily easier. You just have to find a happy medium to get this little edge and play fair. Also on the question of communication. I had clearer signs with some on my side. There, I’ll be on the other side, so more information will be taken.

Is this a suitable position for you in the long term?
Everything will depend on my performance. If the coach believes that the performance proved him right, I think I will continue pending the return of Jo ‘(Gradit). I don’t know what he will decide, but I’m ready.

Finally, with the competition in the left lane, does playing right axial remain a great opportunity to gain more playing time?
Yes, it is an opportunity for me to be able to play. Before, I was balanced on two positions, now I’m 3. Even if it’s a bit more unusual place for me, it’s an opportunity, so I take it. I want to play and be on the pitch.

Isn’t it too hard to tell yourself that you aren’t really installed in a specific location?
It is not difficult, but sometimes we would like to be installed. You just have to be aware that on one position, the competition is tougher. We are not always sure about playing. This time I have more opportunities. But I won’t play like Jonathan Gradit, I don’t have the qualities of him. I will do Massadio Haidara.

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