Mauro Icardi, the latest candidate for the loft game

Mauro Icardi, the latest candidate for the loft game

Mauro Icardi, the latest candidate for the loft game

With the farewell of Rafinha made official this Saturday evening, the loft set up by PSG now has only Mauro Icardi among the eight elements that make it up, demonstrating that this technique has had the merit of working towards its main objective: the downsizing of the workforce .

If the Star academy will be back soon TF1Another program from the channel’s 2000s was brought back to the fore thanks to PSG, at least as a joke on social media: history of the mezzanine. As for the Parisian club, we only remember the first term “, mezzanine », With the aim of characterizing the fact that part of the changing room elements were isolated from the rest of the workforce. Behind the humorous trait of the term and the jokes that came from it during the summer, the implementation of such a system was above all the realization of a mission crucial for the PSG this summer: finally be able to slim down your workforce.

This mission was anything but easy. For years the Parisian club had not been able to separate from its players, who were placed in more than comfortable conditions at the PSG it’s at Paris, both from a sporting and an economic point of view, not to mention the dream living environment offered by the French capital. It is difficult, in such a context, to convince players whose performances have not lived up to expectations – at best – to pack their bags and go where they will earn less and where they will face a minor sporting challenge.

Soft mode does not work with subsequent transfer windows, hard mode was favored in this summer of 2022. The framework was completely legal. The players were not deprived of training, they simply worked on the sidelines of the group’s Christophe Galtier. When the men trained by the French coach showed up in the morning, the others arrived in the middle of the afternoon to practice with a group of young people who did not fit into the plans of the staff, including Edoardo Michuteventually went to Sunderlandor Djeidi Gassama, which will extend to PSG before joining Eupen loan.

A group of eight quickly identified

Ander Herrera, Georginio Wijnaldum, Layvin Kurzawa, Julian Draxler, Rafina, Thilo Kehrer, Idrissa Gueye And Mauro Icardi. They were the group of eight. Eight players sent off. Eight players whose starts were clearly not guaranteed in the early summer despite the wishes of the PSG. Eight players who gradually integrated this bandit group based on arrivals.

As a well-known expression goes, ” eventually only one will remain “. The theory has been verified: on Sunday 4 September there is only one left, namely Mauro Icardi. Ironically, we can say that he is the big winner of this loft game. The Argentine is the final boss. Such a part of Mario Brosthe first seven worlds have been conquered, there is only the eighth castle left to conquer embodied by this player who has been annoying since January 2020.

Announced in the sights of Galatasaray And Besiktas, the Argentine striker has until 8 September and the closing of the transfer window in Turkey to join one of these two teams, otherwise his situation in this first part of the season promises to be not easy. In particular, playing time with the team may be granted National 3 managed by the PSG association, but it is not about reintegration into the group of Christophe Galtier. In the end will Mauro Icardi give in to pressure, he who has no intention of making the slightest concession on his salary? The answer will be known within the next four days, barring a surprise exit door MLS or inside Argentina.

The other six candidates let themselves go gradually throughout the summer, more or less easily. Georginio Wijnaldum, for example, was moved by his absence for the Japan tour. He so he didn’t make waves when he joined theas Roma as part of a loan with option of 8 million euro which can become mandatory under certain conditions. Thilo Kehrer also couldn’t resist when West Ham he was interested in him, the club he joined in a transfer costing € 16 million. Officially left this Saturday night alongsideAl Arabi to QatarRafinha was also looking for a base to raise after six months on loan from the side of Real Sociedad in the second half of the 2021/2022 season. The hardest thing was not to convince him to look elsewhere, but rather to find a way out. The Brazilian arrived freely two years ago and starts again in the same way, thus depriving him of the FC Barcelona 35% of the amount of any transfer.

However, other members of the group of eight were more difficult to eliminate. Ander Herrera has long clung to his Parisian comfort without his situation seeming to affect him more. Layvin Kurzawa’s departure was no easy feat, both due to his pretensions and the difficulty of finding a suitor willing to recruit a player who hadn’t played in official competitions for more than a year. The situation was similar for Julian Draxler, very comfortable with him Paris despite his sporting situation adrift to the PSGwhile Idrissa Gueye didn’t want to make things easier to make a great comeback Everton which he wishes to see materialized in the framework of a free transfer one year after the expiry of his contract.

Departure craftsman, Antero Henrique got stuck in these four levels of the loft game. Fortunately, perseverance pays off and solutions have been found. Ander Herrera found the Basque Country and theAthletic Club leaving under a loan that will have two possible expirations at the end of the season: a purchase or a new season loaned despite the current contract until 2024. layman Kurzawa And Julian Draxler they were lent on their part without a purchase option Fulham And Benfica. According to Abdallah Boulmathe English club bears most of the Frenchman’s salary, while the German sees 80% of his salary paid by the PSG despite his departure. As for Idrissa Gueyehis transfer took place for only 2 million euros.

Despite many loans, the original mission is accomplished

This is how the mezzanine was almost emptied and the PSG now he finds himself with the only one Mauro Icardi as the last occupant. Some may regret the non-transfer and the fact that most departures were settled through loans. Of course, Paris will continue to cover part of the salaries. Julian Draxler And Layvin Kurzawa will return at the end of the season, while there is a possibility that Georginio Wijnaldum will also return in June 2023. But do we really have to complain?

The ideal would obviously have been to record only the sales. Only then, of course, was this not possible. Some items were completely unsaleable. The real problem for the PSG was to offer Christophe Galtier the possibility of having a reduced group, which he wished when he presented himself as coach on July 5: ” I will make sure that the players are happy on the pitch and in the locker room. I therefore believe that the workforce should be reduced. We can’t have players who don’t play. We will make sure to reduce and find the right size of staff “.

It is almost a total success on this point. The ball is now in the field of Mauro Icardi. If he agrees to leave within the next four days, the mission impossible will have been accomplished well and truly since PSG. And if we go back three months, the game was far from won.

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