MotoGP Misano J2 Test Fabio Quartararo (Yamaha / 1): “The hardest thing will be going to Aragon with the 2022 bike”, etc.  (Entire)

MotoGP Misano J2 Test Fabio Quartararo (Yamaha / 1): “The hardest thing will be going to Aragon with the 2022 bike”, etc. (Entire)

MotoGP Misano J2 Test Fabio Quartararo (Yamaha / 1): “The hardest thing will be going to Aragon with the 2022 bike”, etc.  (Entire)

Wednesday 7 September 2022 Fabio Quartararo answered the questions of the journalists of the Misano World Circuit – Marco Simoncelli at the end of the second day of official MotoGP tests, which ended in 1st place.

The leader of the French championship said he was satisfied with what he experienced in view of 2023… And he regrets not having been able to use this new engine earlier! El Diablo, after having made its debrief in the midday break, no comment was made on the new aerodynamics tested in the afternoon.

As usualwe report here the words of Fabio Quartararo without any formatting, even if partially translated (using you in English, you in French).

Fabio Quartararo : ” I am happy to have confirmed that the engine is a great improvement. This morning I made a nice slide behind Franco and the top speed was very good. So very satisfied! This morning we worked on the electronics because the character of the engine is slightly different. Now it’s hard to know because of the circuit, because I did 1’31.3 on a 26-lap tire, so in the end you put on a new tire and you don’t even feel like it’s a new tire. But I am very satisfied because I feel that for the first version of the prototype I had a very good pace and it looks good.

Was the good top speed due to intake or engine power?
Sure, the 298km / h was due to a wake, but overall the average we did today was good. Sure, 298km / h wasn’t every lap but just one lap, but if you look at the average it was fine. The wind has changed too, so comparing ourselves to the others it was nice to see that our top speed has improved a lot compared to this year.

Is this the final version of the engine or will they improve it further?
They want to progress more, so obviously I wouldn’t say no (laughs) if they have room to progress. I think it’s not bad because it’s only September and there are several months to go before the pre-season tests in Portimão, so we still have Valencia and Portimão. We still have the tests to do and hopefully even more top speed.

Does the engine still have Yamaha DNA, especially at low revs?
Yes. The character changes a bit but I’m not worried. Of course, we still have to work a little bit in the first part of the acceleration because the bike is a bit more lazy than aggressive: we worked on this this morning, while this afternoon I think we will try some aerodynamics, then focus on the adjustments.

Luca Marmorini is present: were you able to speak with him?
Not specifically with him, but as soon as I finish a run we always have headphones on and I can talk to everyone. So pay close attention. He is one of the first that I see fully motivated. In the group the faces do not express “well, we did it! but faces that say “we want to progress more”. So it creates a very good atmosphere in the team and it was great to see all the people focused that way.

Is it important to see it in the box?
Yes. When I was younger, I was more like saying “why isn’t he here? But in the end I know that even though he’s not really present at the races, I know he’s working hard and it’s good to see that the first stage of the engine is a good improvement. , so we hope they can take it one step further. “

Can we say that he has confidence in Yamaha again after a difficult period?
(Sigh) The hard thing is going to Aragon with the 2022 bike (laughs). It will be the hardest thing. I have never lost faith in Yamaha but I had a lot of doubts, which is why it took me so long to renew. But before doing any updates, we tested the engine and felt they really wanted to make a major change, so as soon as I signed the contract the confidence returned because I felt they wanted to make a change. It seems like they have now and as I said before, the faces of the team are saying “OK, progress is really good, but we want more”. And that makes me even more confident.

Were you able to follow Marc Márquez?
No ! I hardly saw anyone today. Only Pecco with rain tires (laughs). He didn’t want to use his tires for the next GP, where he did a few laps on rain tires.

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