Nantes wins the Champions Trophy by dominating Paris-SG

Nantes wins the Champions Trophy by dominating Paris-SG

Nantes wins the Champions Trophy by dominating Paris-SG

The first title of the 2022-2023 season is for Nantes. H won the Champions Trophy after an offensive party against Paris-SG on Saturday in Poitiers (37-33). This is his second lift in the event after that of 2017, already against the team of the Capital (32-26). Grégory Cojean, the former assistant assistant who succeeded Alberto Entrerrios this summer (he left for Limoges), has ideally started his term as head coach.


HBC Nantes – which have only played in the first division since 2008 – won their 5th title in their history on Saturday, after the Coupe de France 2017, the Coupe de la Ligue in 2015 and 2022 and the Champions Trophy 2017.

His team (qualified as the winner of the last League Cup) imposed a frenetic pace on the French champions in Paris who eventually succumbed, handicapped by the lack of rotations. This success in Nantes has above all a symbolic value, against the cannibals of the capital who for ten years have crushed France and come out of a championship with 34 victories in 34 days.

This is PSG’s first defeat to a French side since the semi-final of the late Coupe de la Ligue against Chambéry (28-29) on 18 December 2021.

The Parisians pulled two surprises out of their sleeves with their staggered defense in the “1-5” (with Mathieu Grébille then Henrik Toft Hansen) and the return of captain Luka Karabatic, who had missed all training due to a pain in his foot. But from the very beginning they fought against the fast game advocated by Cojean, which his men are already playing with joy (1-4, 4th; 4-8, 11th).

PSG then signed one of these flash sequences of which they have the secret (13-10, 20 °), based on the stops of the new Swedish goalkeeper Andreas Palicka (11 in total, including 2 penalties) and the goals of Mathieu Grebill (5/6 shot).

Paris and Kristopans stick their tongues out after the break

Led by two lengths at the interval (19-17, 30 °), Nantes gradually regained the upper hand. Paris has put out its tongue, especially Dainis Kristopans (3/9). As we feared for the Latvian giant who, if not surprised, will remain only in the position of right back for the entire first part of the season awaiting the return of rookie Dominik Mathé from the injury (knee) …

PSG tried to find the solution by eliminating their goalkeeper to attack seven outfields, but Nantes took the opportunity to score several times into empty net (22-24, 36th). After a final draw at 27-27 (41st), Croatian goalkeeper Ivan Pesic, hitherto very discreet, made several key saves (7 in total) and H made the difference forever (28-30, 49th ). In the last moments, the impeccable Spanish recruits Jorge Maqueda (3/3 shooting) and Kauldi Odriozola (6/6) turned the evening into fireworks (33-37, final score).

“We scored while we were running, it will be our DNA”

Valero Rivera, captain of Nantes

“Nantes played better than us in the second half. We lost balloons, we were less precise “, recognized Nikola Karabatic on the microphone of beIn Sports. Nantes captain Valero Rivera (8 goals including 4 penalties) streamed with joy: “We played a very complete game, with many applications in defense. We scored as we ran, it will be our DNA. “

After the coupe de France round of 16 in Tremblay (Proligue), H will start the Liqui Moly Starligue season on Friday 9 September at the H Arena against Chambéry. The Parisians, who will travel to Strasbourg with the Coupe de France on Tuesday, will play their first league match in Nîmes on Sunday 11 September.

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