Netflix: the bad news has just arrived for users …

Netflix: the bad news has just arrived for users …

Netflix: the bad news has just arrived for users …

Netflix is ​​a video streaming giant. During the confinement, we can say that the company was at its peak. On the other hand, a few months ago, Netflix lost some subscribers for the first time. Has the subscription become too expensive? In any case, a new cheaper offer It will be available soon. Cheaper, of course, but there will be commercials in return.

The rivalry between Disney and Netflix

Last month, the number of Disney subscribers across all of its platforms (Disney +, Hulu, and ESPN +) surpassed that of Netflix. After 5 years of effort, Disney has won its bet to dethrone Netflix, the streaming star.

Here are the numbers:

  • 221.1 million subscribe to Disney
  • 220.7 million subscribe to Netflix

As you can see, Disney wins with a few hundreds of thousands of subscribers. What will Netflix do in response to this? According to Variety, the new cheapest offer Netflix will be launching shortly is made to bypass Disney +.

In addition, the giant has announced a similar offer that will start in December in the United States. It should also be noted that Netflix’s offering was initially expected for 2023even in 2024. However, for some reason, it accelerated.

Where will the new Netflix offer be available?

Unlike Disney which means its new offering exclusively in the United StatesNetflix offers its new formula in several countries:

  • France
  • United States
  • Canada
  • Germany
  • The UK

We can say that the platform thinks big. After all, Netflix isn’t a multinational for nothing. Plus, it’s not just video streaming. The company specializes in the distribution, production and exhibition of cinematographic and television works.

Netflix: a new formula for less than 10 euros

Considering inflation and the different current economic problems, Netflix has targeted the cost. So why this new reform? As you know, one of the interests of the platform so far has been to watch its programs without being bothered by advertisements.

Except here it is, the cost will be cheaper, but it will be there ads. According to information obtained by Bloomberg, this new subscription would cost between 7 and 9 euros per month.

A big reduction compared to the price of the standard subscription which is 13.50 euros per month. Savings between 4 and 6 euros for a few minutes of advertising. Also, advertisements that aren’t not necessarily uninteresting.

The advertising methods for this new offer

Note that no official communication from Netflix has been published for the moment. That said, second the entries collected by Bloomberghere are some details:

The duration of the announcement

For the series, commercials by 15 to 30 seconds would be displayed at the beginning and during the display. They would make a total of 4 minutes for an hour. So in a 45-minute episode, there will only be 4 commercials.

Remember that for American channels it is 18 to 23 minutes announcements per hour. This allows you to put things in perspective! It’s more to save you from pausing to go to the bathroom. For feature films, ads will only appear at the beginning of the video.

The frequency for the same ad

The most annoying thing about ads is that the same ad appears multiple times. Surely you have already experienced this. Well, make sure that with Netflix you will have time to do thisforget an ad before seeing her again.

Here is the data:

  • For series, one announcement per hour.
  • For movies, three identical ads per day.

Offers for advertisers

For ad shoppers, Netflix and its partner Microsoft offer the cost per thousand views (CPM). The starting price would be $ 65 per CPM. However, this is still negligible.

This price varies according to the target spectators. Advertisers can request the 10 most viewed series of the month or choose specific genres (comedy, drama, etc.). Country targeting is also provided.

Conversely, age, gender, viewing habits, or time of day would not be used as targeting criteria. At least for this no additional costs will be deducted.

To reassure advertisers, Netflix claims to be able to do this welcome 500,000 new members by the end of 2022.

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