Nintendo: Top 10 of the best bosses in the game The Legend of Zelda!

Nintendo: Top 10 of the best bosses in the game The Legend of Zelda!

Nintendo: Top 10 of the best bosses in the game The Legend of Zelda!

In more than 35 years, the various games of Zelda have given fans a hard time … From the Nintendo 64 to the Switch, here are 10 historical bosses!

35 years in which his bosses have frustrated the biggest fans: with legendary games, The Legend of Zelda is one of the greatest sagas of all time. MCETV introduces you 10 bosses for which Nintendo has surpassed itself !

Nintendo: Top 10 Zelda Bosses

Bongo bongo: a living legend

It inspired the Demogorgon of Stranger Things : Bongo Bongo marked the first Zelda fans! First boss of Ocarina of Time, he gave a hard time in the first moments of the game.

The cursed tile

Those who played Link’s Awakening on Game Boy no longer look at tiles the same way. Because this seemingly smiling tiling sways pots and punches holes in the ground. A long but fun mess.

Nintendo is the king of the bib

In A Link to the Past, the creators of Zelda split the story in two. And the second part becomes a real nuisance. This huge scorpion sweeps the whole room faster and faster. If we add fireballs, it sucks.

Koume and Kotake: Fusion and Danger

Let’s go back to Ocarina of Time, turn on the Nintendo 64 and remember those twin sisters. Because they are part of the bosses we have been pursuing for a long time. Until the last surprise, the most violent: they merge to control fire and ice!

Rhok: The forgotten leader

Quite forgotten by the general public, Majora’s Mask lives in the shadow of Ocarina of Time. But in this apocalyptic atmosphere, Rhok throws rocks and drops spikes on Link. Both animal and robottraumatized Zelda fans.

Humbaba: the return to Wii

A little leap into the future to get to Twilight Princess on Wii. This huge demon skeleton only fights in one way: you have to move along the rails on the walls. An unnamed galley, but one that brings its share of surprises.

Nintendo Wii: Skyward Sword and by Ihloma

* We continue on a classic: a big pig, real. Because Zelda likes to play with animals. But there is nothing beautiful about this superb statue. With his six arms, his throwing discs and his swinging sword, he gives Link a hard time.

Ganon, the Scourge of the Switch

Ouest-France reminds us of this: despite its release in 2021, Breath of the Wild is the best-selling Zelda game of all time. So many players who had to face the abominable Ganon to finish the game.

A fight that starts much earlier, because if Link has defeated the divine creatures in the game, the final fight becomes easier. Or rather, less difficult.

Nintendo plays with Zelda

Perhaps the most heartbreaking moment for fans Game: Link must face Zelda. Because in Twitlight Princess, Zelda finds herself possessed by Ganon. He must therefore be beaten, and quickly!

Ganon again, but Spooky

Ocarina of Time is full of bosses one harder than the other. But the temple, the enigmas and the ghost that comes out of the paintings make it one of the most amazing garments. And so, the most complicated!

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