Notes: Real Madrid – Leipzig

Notes: Real Madrid – Leipzig

Notes: Real Madrid – Leipzig

Real Madrid faced RB Leipzig in the Champions League on Wednesday. Here are the notes attributed by our editorial staff to the people of Madrid.

Courteous: 6.5 – Nice game by the Real Madrid goalkeeper who made three good interventions in the first half to keep the score at 0-0. A clean sheet that will do the Belgian good.

Carvajal: 7 – Like the latest releases, we had a Carvajal in diesel mode. A little shy at the start of the game, but overall strong on the defensive. Good second period with in particular a decisive intervention.

Nacho: 7 – The Real captain did this on Wednesday evening and once again agreed with Carlo Ancelotti who continues to involve the Spaniard. Great game of Nacho.

Rudiger: 6.5 – Not very serene in his interventions in the first act, the German has significantly raised the level on his return from the locker room. It is this Rüdiger that we expect to see in Madrid.

Alaba: 5 – A small disappointment in the left corridor, especially in the first period when the Austrian left the boulevards behind. He played a lot and maybe there was even a bit of fatigue.

Chumeni: 6 – Beginning of the game a bit weak, like the Madrid midfielder who was overwhelmed by the tactical positioning of the Germans. He has improved over the minutes with still a lot of work to catch up.

Camavinga : 5 – Average performance of the Frenchman who, unfortunately, still too often struggles to have the same impact as when he enters the game. He too many technical errors tonight.

modric: 6 – The maestro of Real was not having a nice evening. He played at a very slow pace and in the end he was like his team. He was better in second.

⭐️ Valverde: 7.5 – The Uruguayan is taking on a new dimension in the Real squad, but also in the eyes of the world, very simply. Relocating him in the middle allowed him to go further and show all the qualities of him. His left-footed goal is magnificent and shows how far he is progressing in the last gesture.

Vinicius: 5.5 – Difficult game for Vinicius, without references and with a bit heavy legs without a doubt. It should be noted, however, that he is still a decisive passerby …

Rodrigo: 5 – The young Brazilian did not feel comfortable in this leading role. He doesn’t have the same ability as Benzema to bond with the rest of the team and we couldn’t find him.

Ancelotti: 6 – David Alaba’s placement on the left was quite bold and unexpected. He left the classic for the rest, continuing his rotations. Mayonnaise did not necessarily take this evening, he himself seemed dissatisfied, but the coaching of him during the meeting paid off.

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