Notes: Real Madrid – Mallorca

Notes: Real Madrid – Mallorca

Notes: Real Madrid – Mallorca

Real Madrid faced Mallorca today in the fifth matchday of La Liga. Here are the notes attributed by our editorial staff to the people of Madrid.

Courteous: 6 – Difficult to really blame him for Mallorca’s goal. The rest of his game was relatively uneventful.

Vázquez: 6 – Serious performance, even if the Spaniard could have brought more danger in his right lane.

Alaba: 6.5 – Beautiful game by David Alaba who touched the assist very early, but Vinicius could not finish. He was imperial for the rest.

Rudiger: 6 – Good overall even if he lost a duel from the start and was not on target on the Mallorca goal. His goal at the end of the game cancels this mistake thanks to the context.

Mendi: 4.5 – Disappointing, once again. He managed to make a good right cross and that’s it, for the positive side. Also and above all completely absent on the counterattack that leads to punishment and then to the guests’ door.

Kroo: 7 – Excellent first period and good game of the German in this position in front of the defense. He has quietly handed out because he knows how to do it so well.

Valverde: 8 – Great game of the Uruguayan who, among other things, has brought his team back on the right path, all alone as a very tall man. What purpose, what activity, what riot of energy!

Ceballos: 7 – A little slow start, then the Spaniard made a good match. Fast play, good movement and a lot of energy to press and retrieve balls.

⭐️ Rodrigo : 9 – Factor X on Sunday. He was the most exciting in the first period and changed the game in the second period. Great action first in the service of Vinicius, then a solo goal to close the shop. Great game!

Risk: 3 – In a false nine, the Belgian was of little influence, little found and his touches of the ball rarely brought anything to the game, a game to forget.

Vinicius: 7.5 – Complicated game for Vini, targeted by opponents and in a day with very few spaces to express himself with the ball. However, he was still decisive and he put on a show at the end of the match to put on the show that the Bernabéu was waiting for.

Ancelotti: 6.5 – The rotations of the coaches continue in the victories. He made the right choices, leaving the two Brazilians ahead and replacing Valverde on the right. The option of him Hazard, however, did not give satisfactions.

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