one of the main suspects in Europe arrested by the Spanish police

one of the main suspects in Europe arrested by the Spanish police

one of the main suspects in Europe arrested by the Spanish police

John Francis Morrissey, 62, is suspected of laundering 200 million euros of illicit money.

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Police arrested one of Europe’s top money laundering suspects on Monday after an operation carried out in Malaga, southern Spain, announced Thursday 15 September by Europol. Suspect arrested, an Irish-British suspect of laundering more than € 200 million in illicit money “following an international law enforcement operation led by the Spanish Civil Guard. Two of his collaborators were also arrested in Spain and one in the UK”Europol specifies in a press release.

Europol, the European Union agency for police cooperation based in The Hague, does not name the suspect arrested. According to a source close to the investigation, this is John Francis Morrissey, 62, a well-known collaborator of an international cartel of an alleged organized crime boss, Daniel Kinahan. US authorities, who accuse him of drug trafficking, money laundering and violence, recently hit the Kinahan cartel and seven of its members with global financial sanctions.

Morrissey “and his associates were responsible for collecting large sums of money from criminal organizations which they then ‘handed over’ to other criminal organizations in other countries”, according to Europol. Thanks to the “hawala”, an ancestral system of financial compensation, “the suspects would have laundered more than 200 million euros with this method”according to Europol.

Morrissey “is one of our high-value goals”Europol spokesperson Claire Georges told AFP. “His arrest comes after a complex investigation by the Spanish Civil Guard who worked with the British National Crime Agency (NCA), the Dutch police and the Irish Garda, as well as Europol.” who coordinated the international operation.

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