Orpea accused of ill-treatment in Austria

Orpea accused of ill-treatment in Austria

Orpea accused of ill-treatment in Austria

A sign of his seriousness, the report was adopted by the collegiate formation of the Austrian Defender of Rights, which happens only in rare cases. On Thursday 8 September, the Viennese institute publicly released alarming allegations about a retirement home in Salzburg run by the Austrian private group of nursing homes SeneCura, purchased in 2015 by France’s Orpea, also facing similar allegations in France since the publication of the book The gravediggers by journalist Victor Castanet (Fayard), early 2022.

During a surprise inspection of this 90-seat facility on April 21, Defender of Rights reporters claim to have discovered “serious deficiencies in care that pose a threat to the mental and physical integrity of residents”. Their findings were so alarming that the health authorities of the Land of Salzburg decided in the process to seize the prosecution. He has entrusted the police with a preliminary investigation against X, the first results of which are expected to be known in November. Several SeneCura managers and employees have already been questioned by the police.

“Lack of staff”

The details of the report are particularly sordid. The committee was particularly shocked by the case of a woman with “Massive bedsores” which were not subject “no professional cleaning and no daily description of their evolution”. The speakers, who witnessed the change of clothes, even claim to have noticed “smell of putrefaction”. They recommended a “immediate transfer to hospital” of the boarder, who finally is “Died shortly after the visit”. “I’ve never seen it”ensures the World Karin Gutiérrez-Lobos, professor of psychiatry at the University of Vienna, who conducted this inspection.

This dramatic case would be the symptom “lack of staff”denounce the rapporteurs, who declare that they have taken note of it “the drug that was supposed to expire at 7:30 in the morning had not yet arrived at 11 in the morning”, And “Some residents didn’t even get breakfast at that time”. They also denounce the lack of reaction of the health authorities of the Land of Salzburg, which waited until the beginning of July to react after multiple reports from the staff. “We published this report because the reaction of the authorities was unsatisfactory despite the numerous on-site inspections”thus criticizes Bernhard Achitz, the rights defender who oversaw this dossier.

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