Our brain closely monitors the fat in our body

Our brain closely monitors the fat in our body

Our brain closely monitors the fat in our body

There is a hitherto secret messenger between fatty tissue and the brain that helps maintain good energy in the body. The researchers of the Scripps research (California), highlighting the role of adipose tissue sensory neurons in fat burning.

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In the midst of the complex interplay between our genes, our environment, our diet and ours microbiotathere is another communication network between the brain and adipose tissue that exchange information.

Researchers have long known that fat gives mammals it is composed of neurons, but they assumed it nerves in adipose tissue were connected to the sympathetic nervous system – the one that governs the automatic and unconscious reactions of our body, such as combustion fat in case of stress and activity physicist.

Indeed, we have a sensory nervous system that carries messages “on the other side,” from adipose tissue to the brain. ” The discovery of these neurons suggests for the first time that the brain actively monitors adipose tissue and does not just passively receive messages about it. “, To explain in a press release the co-author of I study Li Ye, associate professor of neuroscience at Scripps research.

Two new methods for understanding the role of sensory neurons

However, by studying the neurons deep in the fatty tissue it was more complex than in the brain, because the nerves there are difficult to see or stimulate. The researchers then used two new methods. It allows to obtain fabrics transparent using solvents to delete the molecules which give the fabrics their opacity. In mice, the researchers found that nearly half of the fat neurons did not connect to the sympathetic nervous system, but to the sensory nervous system.

The second new technique allowed them to understand the role of these sensory neurons in the adipose tissue. Named ” Root »Makes it possible to target and thus destroy subsets of neurons. When used, the suppression of sensory messages from adipose tissue resulted in an increase in fat in mice, particularly brown fat. Since this fat helps our body to convert the sugar and other fats heatthe mice also had a body temperature higher.

Regulation in fat burning

This tells us that there is more than just an instruction that the brain sends to the fatty tissue.says Li Ye. It’s more nuanced than that: these two types of neurons act as an accelerator and brake for fat burning. “.

In fact, the sensory neurons that innervate adipose tissue regulate fat by acting as a brake on adipose tissue the nervous system nice. Conversely, sympathetic neurons are needed to activate fat burning and brown fat production.

Whether researchers believe this mode of communication is essential for maintaining “healthy fat” remains to be seen what is the content of the messages that sensory neurons transmit to the brain from adipose tissue. The team plans future research to find out what neurons detect and whether similar cells exist in other internal organs.

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