Overwatch 2 unveils the content of its first season (it’s heavy!)

Overwatch 2 unveils the content of its first season (it’s heavy!)

Overwatch 2 unveils the content of its first season (it’s heavy!)

The team shooter sequel will arrive in early access in a few weeks, and the studio is taking the opportunity to unveil a new character.

The revolution Watch over is working. The game is about to go free-to-play with its new version scheduled for next 4th October. Two years after its official announcement, Overwatch 2 is finally becoming a reality and the recipe for the game will completely change: the games go from six to five players, new game modes are emerging and a new economic model aims to relaunch the title and its community. No more lootboxes and characters unlocked when they come out, now everything will be done via a battle pass.

Watch over is inspired by its competitors to become a service game available on all platforms. It’s already possible to request a profile merge (if you play on multiple platforms) to find all your unlocked content under one Battle.net account. And ever sinceWatch over It’s nothing without its colorful cast of characters, Blizzard is counting on new faces to promote its game. Two new agents were already present during the game’s betas. Sojourn and the Junker Queen hasn’t failed to spice up gamer games, but now comes a third to come for its moment of glory.

Finally a new medium

After a new DPS and a new tank, support players will be able to rejoice in the arrival of Kiriko, a healer with innovative gameplay. Following leaks in recent days, Blizzard has just released the first trailer for the character. Able to heal and immunize while enjoying a mobility worthy of Genji and Hanzo, this younger is already shaping up to be an essential character for future fights. The players ofWatch over the first of the callsign will have the right to access Kiriko without further delay. Sojourn and the Junker Queen can be unlocked instantly with the purchase of the Battle Pass. If not, you will need to reach their levels in the free version of it.

Speaking of the Battle Pass, Blizzard has also just revealed a trailer for the season, finally revealing what the new business model has in store for players. New cosmetics are making their debut as weapon charms like those available in valiant. We will of course find epic and legendary skins for our favorite characters, as well as a new mythic skin of a whole new level for Genji. Overwatch 2 promises to be strong in content and promises a revival of the title from 4 October on PC, Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo Switch.

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