Philip of Belgium: Wedding of his niece Maria Laura, radiant in a surprising dress

Philip of Belgium: Wedding of his niece Maria Laura, radiant in a surprising dress

Philip of Belgium: Wedding of his niece Maria Laura, radiant in a surprising dress

It was a rather special day for the Belgian royal family: saddened, like many, by the death of Elizabeth II on Thursday 8 September, she found her smile again this Saturday for a beautiful event: the long-awaited wedding of the princess. Maria Laura, daughter of Princess Astrid, elder sister of the current King Philip. At 34, the young woman married the man of her life William Isvya Franco-British businessman three years his junior.

Dressed with a short Gucci dress and décolleté with square heel, the young woman posed with her husband, before exchanging a chaste kiss on the cheek with him, but he seemed happy to finally marry the one he had met in London, where he had studied and now resides. A young financier much appreciated by his in-laws: in fact, during a press conference a few weeks ago, Princess Astrid and her husband Lorenz of Austria-Este (descendant of the Habsburgs) had not stopped talking about praise to her son – legally.

Describing it as “fantastic, hardworking, cheerful, with a sense of humor and family, sporty and determined“, they later said he loves”know and understand everything in advance“and concluded with several compliments:”He is discreet and open. He is smart and likes to set the bar very high.“In short, a young man who is very integrated in his in-laws and who should thrive there.

Maria Laura is not the first of the family to marry: on the contrary, his older brother Amadeo (36 years old) he had married Elisabetta Rosbosch von Wolkenstein before having two children with her, Anna-Astrid, 6 years old and Massimiliano (3 years old). The young woman could also count on her brother for her marriage but also on her younger brother Joachim (30 years old), and on her two little sisters Luisa Maria (26 years old) and Laetitia Maria (19 years old).

His grandfather, former King Albert II, had made the trip with his wife, Queen Fabiola. His uncle, King Philip was also present with his aunt, Queen Matilda and their children, Crown Princess Elizabeth, 20, Princes Gabriel and Emmanuel (19 and 16) and Princess Eleonore (14). Also present was his other uncle, Prince Laurent, with his children Louise, 18, Nicolas and Aymeric, 17. Finally, his aunt Delphine, illegitimate daughter of his grandfather Albert II, was also invited.

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