PHOTO – Rachida Dati in tracksuit and sneakers: she (again) breaks the codes

PHOTO – Rachida Dati in tracksuit and sneakers: she (again) breaks the codes

PHOTO – Rachida Dati in tracksuit and sneakers: she (again) breaks the codes

Presenting herself in dungarees and sneakers, Rachida Dati has shown that she loves fashion and above all has fun with it, despite its political functions and the classicism that often accompanies them.

Rachida Dati has once again broken the “dress code” of politicians. the old Keeper of the seals she has in fact published a photo in the story of her Instagram account this Sunday 4 September, where we see her with an unusual outfit for a politician We are traditionally used to seeing politicians dressed soberly, often in suits for men and in suits for women.

From the height of its fifty-five meter, Rachida Dati appears smiling, in a denim overalls and a blue long-sleeved shirt. At his feet, the mayor of the 7th arrondissement of Paris wears the Adidas Superstar sneakers in the colors of the French flag. It is not the first time that the former protege of Nicolas Sarkozy innovates in fashion. Last April, had intervened on the set of the presidential evening of TF1 with Nike Sacai Fragment, a pair of limited edition shoes, the result of an unprecedented collaboration between Nike and the Japanese haute couture brand Sacai.


A touching shot with his daughter for the start of the school year

As for the fashion, we could see that her daughter had something to hold on to. Rachida Dati posted a rare photo of her daughter Zohra on Friday 2 September on her Instagram account. Class of 2009, the young girl, who bears the name of her grandmother and who is now a teenager, exceeds her mother by a few centimeters. She appears dressed in a denim jacket, a sailor top and elegant black high-waisted pants. This snapshot posted in the story is quite surprising, as the Councilor of Paris has always preserved the private life of her only daughter, born from her relationship with businessman Dominique Desseigne.

If the 56-year-old politician has managed over the years to educate his daughter away from photographers, the child lived through hell school harassment. Rachida Dati confided in the show Off road in September 2021 that her daughter had not been able to stay more than a year in the same structure: “He lived all his elementary school, changing institutes every year”, he explained in particular. Given Rachida Dati’s smile, this return seems to have taken place under the best auspices.

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Photo credits: Federico Pestellini / Panoramic / Bestimage

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