Pierre Poilievre, ultra at the helm of the Canadian Conservative Party

Pierre Poilievre, ultra at the helm of the Canadian Conservative Party

Pierre Poilievre, ultra at the helm of the Canadian Conservative Party

Newly elected leader of the Canadian Conservative Party, Pierre Poilievre, speaks during the vote, in Ottawa, Ontario on Saturday, September 10, 2022.

When Pierre Poilievre’s victory as the new leader of the Canadian Conservative Party was announced on Saturday 10 September, Conservative Senator Jean-Guy Dagenais, 72, pulled his old card out of his desk drawer and cut it out with scissors. . “His divisive, ‘American’ way of doing politics offends me, I don’t share his values, I prefer to leave”he explained on the evening of the enthronement of the new leader. “France has Marine Le Pen, the United States has had Donald Trump, is it really necessary to have Pierre Poilievre with us? “he had been concerned a few days earlier in a letter sent to his Conservative colleagues.

Pierre Poilievre, 42, elected seven times Ontario MP since 2004, has undoubtedly won the battle against four other candidates, including former Quebec Premier Jean Charest. After getting 68.15% of the votes in the first round, he becomes the fourth leader of his party since the 2015 defeat of the last Conservative Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, to Justin Trudeau. A leader’s waltz that highlights the difficulties of the Canadian right to find a course and an incarnation.

New members

With Pierre Poilievre, this political family clearly chooses today to engage in its most radical movement. Man succeeds Erin O’Toole, “resigned” in February for the lack of support for the so-called “freedom” convoy driven by truckers opposed to the Canadian government’s health measures. Poilievre had posted a selfie he took with them on his Twitter account.

Tortoiseshell glasses that give him a lot “seventies”, a slightly nasal voice that does not detract from his oratory skills, the one who has been nicknamed the “Pitbull” for his muscular interventions in the House of Commons has filled the halls of the eighty public meetings held across the country since the launch of his campaign in May. He boasts of having brought in nearly 300,000 new members alone, nearly doubling their number to 678,000. As proof of the excitement he aroused, he has also raised over $ 4 million. Canadian donations (just over 3 million euros), more than all his opponents combined.

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From Calgary to Saskatoon, from British Columbia to New Brunswick, but also all day in the videos posted on social networks where he led a tireless campaign, the candidate had only one word in his mouth. : ” freedom “. “I introduce myself as Prime Minister, he says on his website, as if the campaign for the legislative elections of 2025 has begun, to give you back control of your life and make Canada a free country, the freest country in the world. “

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