Place de la Concorde will soon be renovated to prepare for the Olympic Games

Place de la Concorde will soon be renovated to prepare for the Olympic Games

Place de la Concorde will soon be renovated to prepare for the Olympic Games

JHeart of the 8th arrondissement of Paris, Place de la Concorde is regularly cited by heritage defenders who deplore its lack of maintenance. As reported The Parisian, pollution has done its work on a good number of statues, just like hard water from fountains or rust. But less than two years before the 2024 Olympics, the city hall had no choice but to tackle its renovation. Thus, Karen Taïeb, assistant to the heritage of the city, has just announced the restoration of the two nineteenth-century fountains of the place de Concorde for 2023, whose state of decay is a recurring criticism of the mayor’s opponents.

According to the newspaper, the town hall initially plans a first phase of “aesthetic” restructuring of the square from next spring, during which the sculptures will be cleaned and re-gilded. The operation has a value between 700,000 and 900,000 euros. “We will also redo the watertightness of reservoirs and basins with a budget of 100 thousand euros, adds the assistant. The renewal of the water treatment system to solve the calcite deposit problem will take place in a second phase, after the Olympic Games. We could not have done both before the spring of 2024 “.

A stadium for the opening of the Paralympic Games

Also “Lille” and “Strasbourg”, two of the eight 1837 sentry boxes surrounding the square and each representing a large French city, will also be restored before the 2024 Olympics and all the street lamps will be replaced, some of them “in the very short term”. The Obelisk of Concordia, a granite column from the Luxor temple in Egypt which has been located in the center of the famous Parisian square since 1836, has already been restored on the occasion of the bicentenary of the deciphering of hieroglyphs by Champollion.

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Place de la Concorde will be particularly used during the 2024 Olympic Games. It will be transformed into a temporary stadium to host, around the obelisk, the so-called urban sports competitions (BMX freestyle, break dance, skateboarding and three-man basketball) while the Paralympic Games , which will open just over a month after the Olympic Games, will be inaugurated during a ceremony at the Place de la Concorde. The contours of the place de la Concorde ceremony are not yet defined, but Marie-Amélie Le Fur, president of the Paralympic committee, says she is “vigilant” on the “bar” which “must not be lower than that of the Stade de France”.

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