Power.  A tariff shield in 2023 to avoid catastrophe?

Power. A tariff shield in 2023 to avoid catastrophe?

Power.  A tariff shield in 2023 to avoid catastrophe?

Energy: the tariff shield maintained in 2023… but under what contours and with what aid?

Several avenues are mentioned, such as a general increase of 20%.

For the moment, the freeze on increases for the year 2022 costs the state more than 10 billion euros, in particular due to this history of energy prices imposed by Europe. Depending on what is currently being negotiated in Brussels, new room for maneuver could appear for the government and this is absolutely desirable as the current price increase is completely delusional and unbearable for all economic actors.

At this rate it will no longer be a single municipal swimming pool capable of heating its own water, no longer a single private school will be able to heat its students, no longer a single factory will be able to continue to operate and I am not talking about traders or even restaurateurs.

Our economy cannot function without an energy price compatible with the costs of production and everyone’s income.

“Bruno Le Maire assures that energy prices could double in 2023“ without a tariff shield ”. However, the minister did not specify at what level of the increase the cap would be introduced, although he stressed that this should be announced shortly. He also explained “to foresee in the budget law for 2023 budget allocations that will allow, in the event of a significant increase, to support the most modest ones”. Similarly, the Minister of Economy, Bruno Le Maire, had specified that “energy controls” would be envisaged for the families most in difficulty “.

Multiplying prices by 5 is simply unacceptable and public authorities will have to subsidize energy prices.

It should also be noted that it is also essential to protect companies, because it is the production system that is affected and therefore employment. Factories in Germany are closing down and it is a serious economic mistake to let companies lower the curtains and turn off the lights.


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