PREMIER LEAGUE – Very offensive style, human coaching: Graham Potter, the Brighton wizard who seduced Chelsea

PREMIER LEAGUE – Very offensive style, human coaching: Graham Potter, the Brighton wizard who seduced Chelsea

PREMIER LEAGUE – Very offensive style, human coaching: Graham Potter, the Brighton wizard who seduced Chelsea

We have read, seen, heard the names of Zinédine Zidane or Mauricio Pochettino and then, it was the name of Graham Potter that came out of the hat. A connoisseur of English football, it was he who had the last word to replace Thomas Tuchel. And it will be up to him to get the club back on track.

Thanks to an attacking style that allowed him to reach a record in the standings with Brighton last season (9th), the Birmingham native has become an essential manager in his country, so much so that he has tempted some big names like Tottenham, and this for several years. Potter has established himself among his colleagues in the Premier League but also among the fans who have started following the Seagulls, a club that surprises despite a starless workforce and a much lower budget than most clubs in the English league.

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Potter among the favorites, Pochettino lurking: who will succeed Tuchel?


From his earliest experiences, particularly in the direction of football development at the University of Hull, this graduate in social sciences stressed the importance of human intelligence and social relations, a quality he placed at the service of coach and who has been able to enhance and maintain over time. It remains to be seen whether this will be enough at the head of a great club for those who remain inexperienced at these levels and who will also discover the Champions League. Beyond the game, his very particular vision of him and the management of men will be examined as he likes to take his players off the chains, going so far as to offer them the opportunity to participate in cultural activities such as playing in Swan Lake, as revealed by The Sun.

Best on the baguette

Although his playing career is not memorable and rather bumpy as it is littered with passes to many UK clubs, from the first – ten games with Southampton – in the fourth division. it was here that he first became acquainted with English football and understood the role that the humanism of the coach could play with his players. Managing a Chelsea team with a locker room full of stars will be a real human challenge that Potter will face.

Potter made his first real experience on the bench in 2010 with the Östersunds FK club, then in the Swedish fourth division. With certain success since Potter will bring the club to the Europa League, in 2017/2018. The club will even reach the round of 16 where he will be eliminated by Arsenal, but this experience in Sweden certainly sets the stage for the manager of Graham Potter. “I saw in Ostersund how a gaming identity can give you a significant advantage over a period of time”, he said in 2021, then at the helm of the Brighton.

A show that is enjoyed in England

After this European epic, Potter decides to find the UK by taking command of Swansea City in the second division for an average season. In May 2019 he joined the seaside town of Brighton. With the Seagulls, the first season in the Premier League is all about maintenance. The 2020/2021 season is no longer spinning from the point of view of results (16th) but Potter is creating a true identity that definitely pleases the English fans with his offensive character, but also his solid defense, keeping all the vision of he. . “We’ve worked a lot off the pitch to bring people together about how we act as a group, how we behave on a daily basis, how we want to support each other and understand each other’s problems and challenges,” was launched on Sky Sports in 2021.

Certainly the best Potter season was the last (2021-2022). The club was the first to obtain the best ranking in its history (9th) thanks in particular to its defense (44 goals conceded). A successful season is enough to rock England’s greats at Falmer Stadium and outside. “I’m a big fan of Graham Potter. It doesn’t matter if you are a great team or if you have the quality of players that we have, when you stand against Graham Potter’s Brighton it will always be tough, we know.” even stated Pep Guardiola before facing him last season.

Potter with Brighton in August 2022

Credit: Imago

Since the start of the 2022-2023 season, Brighton have continued to shine (4th overall) with a possession game that is still attractive as Leicester paid the price on 3 September (5-2). But the Seagulls will now have to do without their teacher, already mentioned as a possible successor to Southgate in the English selection but who is launching another great challenge at the head of Chelsea. The Blues hope the magic works. This is a big bet for the club. “Todd Boehly is trying something new by looking for a hungry young manager rather than a great track record. They have signed a lot of young players with long term contracts and the idea is that a Potter could stay with them for a long time. they develop together“, analyzes Ibrahim Mustapha of Eurosport England. Now placed in the unknown.

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