Pros or cons: cargo pants

Pros or cons: cargo pants

Pros or cons: cargo pants

It’s no longer a secret to anyone: trends come and go with the seasons and the years, and it’s not uncommon for old and forgotten fashion fads to find their way onto the shelves of our favorite brands and hot girls of the moment. Sometimes drawing from the wardrobe of the seventies, sometimes from the 90s or 2000s, current fashion is constantly dusting off garments that we didn’t expect to see in our closets again soon. After the denim bermuda shorts and the sexy 2000 style micro-skirt, there is another trousers that have been updated in recent months: the cargo. Borrowed from the military wardrobe, these baggy trousers with large pockets were sported in a trellis version in Destiny’s Child days, but, in 2022, they are worn less literally: broken jeans by Balmain, iridescent purple by MSGM, chic and wine red by Versace, pale pink and multipockets by Off-White, ecru by Isabel Marant or even in denim by Ganni … Among all the catwalks this year, cargo pants have naturally found a place of choice in the dressing room of fashionistas at the forefront of trends. From Bella Hadid to Hailey Bieber via Emily Ratajkowski or even influencer Pernille Teisbaek, everyone seems to have adopted him. But despite having conquered fashion in 2022 (and even more so this September), cargo pants continue to divide. Even at the editorial staff of ELLE magazine, this very fast sock is a real subject of controversy. Should we fall in love with this style of pants to be “in” or, conversely, should we ignore it until it is (again) out of style? Discussion.

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Per, Coraline Brouez, journalist and front page editor

Aren’t cargo pants sexy? On the contrary. Just seeing Alicia Vikander in Lara Croft to change your mind. Her return is therefore a big yes. Contrary to what her detractors might think, the latter has the advantage of combining comfort and style. Obviously we avoid falling into the caricature of the science fiction heroine. For my part, I like to wear it with a pair of heeled boots to go to work or even with pumps to feminize my look and break the codes during a drink with friends. I love to add XXL gold jewelry to it. He is also the ideal companion for a weekend out of town with a pair of sneakers and a denim jacket or a perfecto-and oversized turtleneck sweater for a casual and chic look. Be careful, however, to choose it well based on its morphology. If Caroline de Maigret is a fan of wide cargo pants for a very urban casual chic look, I prefer those closer to the body that highlight the silhouette and above all that avoid the “potato bag” effect due to my small size . Color side? Khaki is a must, but special mention for the ecru or bright colors, for the more daring and a look – assumed – very 2000s.

Against, Juliette Lécuyer, fashion journalist

When I saw cargo pants returning to the fashion scene several months ago, I was, at first glance, quite excited. Seeing this casual garment declined in a more chic key with pleats and less sporty fabrics like at The Frankie Shop convinced me at the beginning! But by dint of seeing them everywhere, in all shapes, all materials and all colors for more than three seasons, I ended up not being able to see these pants – however elegant they are – in patent leather. Not to mention that I regularly see them made of questionable quality materials that smell of “Made in China” two kilometers away. Ideal for training a cheap look … Instead of the cargo – which I would keep best for a walk in the woods, at worst for a game of lazer game – I prefer to bet on wide pleated trousers, which have the advantage of be chic, timeless and to combine with absolutely everything: a blazer and a pair of sneakers, a sleeveless sweater and sabot, a simple tank top and loafers …

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