PS5: how to create a video game folder

PS5: how to create a video game folder

PS5: how to create a video game folder

An update to the PS5 added one essential, but strangely absent from launch feature: the ability to create folders in which to store your games.

The PlayStation 5 is a great console in many ways. But we must not forget that it launched with missing features, while they are still essential. Fortunately, since November 2020, Sony regularly updates the PS5 to make it more complete and ergonomic.

On September 7, 2022, PlayStation 5 received a new update for the system software. Among the new features included is the ability to create video game folders, a feature available on PS4 (although, again, it was added long after release).

How to create a video game folder on PS5? Here is our tutorial.

PS5 PlayStation 5
The PS5. // Source: Louise Audry for Numerama

Creating a games folder on PS5 is not that easy

Nothing is ever really easy with Sony and creating video game folders on PS5 is further proof of that. You would have thought it would be possible to quickly add a game displayed on its home page by clicking the Options button on the controller. The folders created in this way, in fact, on your PS5 will not appear on the home screen, but in the “Your collection” tab – which complicates everything.

To create a game folder, you need to:

  • Go to “Games library”> “Your collection”;
Creating game folders on PS5
Creating game folders on PS5. // Source: PS5 screenshot
  • Click on “Create a games list”;
  • Choose the games;
  • Choose a name for your folder;
  • Validate the creation.

Once the list has been created, you are free to change its name / content or delete it completely. Of course, you can add the same game to different folders.

Creating game folders on PS5
You can edit game folders on PS5. // Source: PS5 screenshot

The process sounds simple, but it actually has several painful limitations. For example, there are no filters to browse your collection faster. Therefore, the more games you have, the more cluttered creating a folder might become.

Sony specifies that you can create up to 15 game lists, each of which will likely contain 100 games. Numerama can confirm these two figures: it is not possible to go further. ” All games in the “Your Collection” tab of the Game Library can be added to a game list, whether on disc, digital edition or streaming “, Specifies the Japanese company.

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Difficult to get your hands on a PS5 // Source: Louise Audry for Numerama

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