Rennes immediately the bad surprise – Dbrief and NOTES of the players (Larnaca 1-2 SRFC) – Football

Rennes immediately the bad surprise – Dbrief and NOTES of the players (Larnaca 1-2 SRFC) – Football

Rennes immediately the bad surprise – Dbrief and NOTES of the players (Larnaca 1-2 SRFC) – Football

For their entry into the Europa League, Rennes snatched victory at AEK Larnaca (1-2) this Thursday. A success on the line for the Breton club, which will still have to raise the level of play before the reception of Fenerbahe next week.


Theate was the best player on the field.

Rennes manages to enter the Europa League. On their way to Cyprus, facing the weakest side in Group B, the Breton club snatched victory over AEK Larnaca (1-2) on Thursday.

Too imprecise in their gestures and unable to speed up the game, Bruno Genesio’s men waited for the end of extra time to start with the three points.

Oier answers Theate

In a nice atmosphere of Larnaca, Rennes logically dominated the start of the match. Abline and Sulemana warm up Piric’s gloves with low shots as Theate finds the post on his close corner comeback. If the best cartridges were Breton, the Cypriot formation did not lower their eyes and let the ball circulate well. After a bad raise from Tait, Trickovski was not far from surprising Mandanda.

To unlock this far from closed part, you needed a personal achievement. And this finally came. Full of nerves, Theate lands a powerful shot from 25 meters to fool the opposing goalkeeper using the post (0-1, 29 °). A short-lived joy for Bruno Genesio’s band. Free of aggression, the Rennais are surprised a few minutes later by Oier, who heads on a perfect bar from Rosales (1-1, 33 ‘).

After extra time

After the break, Sulemana once again finds Piric’s gloves, vigilant on his line. The sign of a Breton awakening? Absolutely no. As if asleep, the visitors did not offer much and multiplied unnecessary faults. They may also have been surprised after a small Faraj festival, whose strike after a small festival passed not far from the left corner of Mandanda. As we headed for a poor draw, Assignon freed his team in injury time by masterfully conceding a cross from Sulemana (1-2, 90th + 4). To the mind!

Match score: 4/10

A little game. Despite Theate’s good opening and an interesting start to the game, Rennes never managed to accelerate the game, as is proved by Theate, who was the most dangerous among the Breton ranks … On the contrary, the Cypriots did not deserve but they did not believe in their possibility of tearing the three points. In the end, the team with the best players ended up winning.

The objectives :

– The Rennais roam the Cypriot surface but cannot find the opening. Sulemana, without solution, ends up rejecting for Theate, who at 25 meters away, launches a heavy shot with a rebound to score on the post (0-1, 29 ‘).

– Tomovic overturns the right game to Rosales, who wins his Aryan duel with Meling. The right has plenty of time to hit the far post, where Oier makes a point blank header to fool Mandanda (1-1, 33rd).

– Theate moves Sulemana to the left side. The Ghanaian winger leaves his vis-vis on the spot and crosses to the far post, where Assignon takes the ball with a heel gesture to score under the crossbar (1-2, 90 ° + 4).

NOTES from players

Maxifoot scored (out of 10) comments to each player.

Man of the Match: Arthur Theate (7.5 / 10)

The most dangerous of the Rennes players is him. Close to the opening of the scoring on a comeback close to the post, the Belgian central defender showed audacity in opening the scoring with a nice shot on the post. Bravo in duels, he was looking for him from the front to open breaches as he finds Sulemana on the action of the winning goal with a very strong pass.


Steve Mandanda (5): The Rennes goalkeeper didn’t have much to blame for this game. He is logically beaten on the head of Oier, who deceives him from close range for the equalizer. Overall he contributed very little.

Hamari Traor (5): disappointing game for the Rennes captain. Too little in sight on the offensive phases, he is not blameless on Oier’s equalizer with a too vague marking. Not at the expected level.

Joe Rodon (5.5): An average match for the Welshman. Little haste, on the whole he took too little initiative. Unlike Theate, he never tried to create a gap in his passing.

Arthur Theate (7.5): Read the comment above.

Birger Meling (4): the Norwegian left has missed the match. Draft, he lacked defensive aggression, like the duel lost to Rosales at Oier’s goal. Below average. Replace the 58th minute with Martin Terrier (no no).

Lovro Majer (4): good intentions for the Croatian midfielder who, however, was unable to tune the violins with his teammates. He did not always realize the efforts in the defensive retreat, showing a lot of nonchalance. Replace the 83rd minute with Lorenz Asignon (not no)author of a good comeback in injury time to give the victory to his team.

Baptiste Santamaria (5): average. Angers’ past center played too low for the blocrennais to maintain a high position. We have seen him much better since his arrival.

Flavien Tait (4): the image of his start to the season: mediocre. Guilty of a very dangerous loss of the ball in the 20 ‘, the Rennes midfielder has never weighed in the game, once again next to his cleats.

Kamal Deen Sulemana (7): Not everything was perfect for the Ghanaian outside. But he, at least, gave everything to try to make a difference. Close to scoring twice, he pressed hard throughout the match to finally deliver an Assignon caviar. Two decisive assists for him.

Matthis Abline (4): a great chance at the start of the game … and then nothing more. The young striker did not exploit this part, weighing too little on the Cypriot defense. Replace the 58th minute with Benjamin Bourigeaud (not).

Adrien Truffert (4): positioned on the left wing, the team is not convincing. He never seemed comfortable in this unusual position, bringing too little to the offensive phases.

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AEK LARNACA 1-2 REINDEER (half time: 1-1) – EUROPA LEAGUE – Group B (Rennes) / 1st matchday
Stadium: AEK Arena, Larnaca – Referee: Giorgi Kruashvili, Georgia

Targets : Oier Sanjurjo (33 °) for AEK LARNACA – A. Theate (29 °) L. Assignon (90 + 4 °) for RENNES
Warnings : K. Christoforou (90 °)for AEK LARNACA – B. Santamara (69th)for RENNES

AEK LARNACA : K. PiricH. Milicevic, N. TomovicR. Rosales (K. Christoforou, 46th), ngelOier Sanjurjo, Lu GustavoI. Trichkovski (Pere Pons, 79th)I. Faraj (G. Naoum, 90 + 3 °), O. Altman (. Giurchi, 63 °)V. Olatunji (Rafael Lopes, 80th)

REINDEER : S. MandandaJ. Rodon, A. TeatoH. Traor, B. Meling (B. Bourigeaud, 58th)L. Majer (L. Asignon, 83 °), B. Santamara, F.TaitK. Sulemana, Mr. Abline (Mr. Terrier, 58th), A. Truffert

Larnaca fans put on a great atmosphere

Theate opens the scoring with a nice floating shot (0-1, 29 °)

Oier’s joy after the equalizer (1-1, 32nd)

Asignon freed Rennes after extra time (1-2, 90 ° + 4)

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