Republicans loyal to Donald Trump attacked by Joe Biden, ahead of mid-term elections

Republicans loyal to Donald Trump attacked by Joe Biden, ahead of mid-term elections

Republicans loyal to Donald Trump attacked by Joe Biden, ahead of mid-term elections

Joe Biden in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, August 30, 2022.

The upcoming mid-term elections in November seem to give him some teeth. US President Joe Biden again attacked Republicans loyal to Donald Trump on Tuesday, August 30, during a trip to Pennsylvania dedicated to security issues.

While it is said “determined to ban assault rifles” in the United States, the 79-year-old Democrat criticized the conservatives’ reluctance to regulate guns “Because they are afraid of the NRA”the powerful US arms lobby.

“For God’s sake, what good reason is there to have weapons of war outside a war zone? “he launched during an energetic speech in the locality of Wilkes-Barre, not far from his hometown of Scranton.

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To deliver on the promise of a federal ban, however, it would have to not only maintain and consolidate control of the Senate, but also win the House of Representatives, a scenario that, for the moment, seems unlikely despite renewed enthusiasm for Democrats. in polls.

“Which side are you on? “

Joe Biden also criticized Republicans for not voting for increased public investment in community policing.

He also criticized the more radical conservatives loyal to Donald Trump for their support for the rioters who invaded the Capitol on January 6, 2021 and for their criticism of the Federal Police (FBI), who are investigating the former president.

“Let me tell my friends, the ‘MAGA Republicans’ in Congress. Don’t tell me you support the police if you don’t condemn what happened on January 6th “said Joe Biden, who uses this expression to refer to supporters of the former Republican president’s “Make America Great Again” or “MAGA” ideology. “Which side are you on? You can’t be for the police and the insurrection “he launched himself in front of an audience won over in advance, from which shouts of “Welcome home! “.

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“You turn on the television and you have a senator and members of the House of Representatives saying, ‘If this or that happens, the blood will run into the streets.’ But where the hell are we? “ he exclaimed again. This may have been a reference to comments from Conservative South Carolina Senator Lindsay Graham, who warned there would be “Riots in the streets”if Donald Trump had been prosecuted as part of an investigation into confidential documents found at his Florida residence.

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While federal police say they received threats after an early August search of the residence in question, Joe Biden judged “Disgusting” attacks on the FBI. “I don’t want to cut the FBI budget”as requested by some conservatives after this operation, the president reiterated.

Save the “soul” of America

He has planned two more trips in the next few days to Pennsylvania, a state where control of the Senate could be decided in the mid-term elections, so often disastrous for the White House party. His predecessor Donald Trump had also planned to go to Wilkes-Barre next Saturday.

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The American president, for his part, promised a big speech on Thursday on the need to save “blade” of America, in Philadelphia, a city in Pennsylvania considered the cradle of the United States.

The race for the Senate in the state sees the Democrat John Fetterman, a bald colossus always dressed in a sweatshirt and dark shorts, former mayor of a city battered by deindustrialization, against the Republican Mehmet Oz, a doctor turned star of the small screen, nicknamed by Donald Briscola .

Joe Biden hotly presented the Democratic candidate, absent on Tuesday, but who is due to meet Monday in Pittsburgh, on the occasion of Labor Day. John “Fetterman is a hellish boy, a powerful voice for the workers. He will be a great senator “the president said.

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