Reversible air conditioning: the right compromise for cooling in summer and heating in winter?

Reversible air conditioning: the right compromise for cooling in summer and heating in winter?

Reversible air conditioning: the right compromise for cooling in summer and heating in winter?

Tired of being too hot in the summer? Tired of paying too high heating bills in winter? And why not install a reversible air conditioner at home?

This air-to-air heat pump system it is a real gem of energy that will help you save money while enjoying the much-appreciated comfort in both summer and winter. Whatever the season, this two-in-one device will satisfy all your desires to enjoy the ideal temperature easily, quickly and efficiently.

What is reversible air conditioning? What are the advantages of reversible air conditioning? Is it a cheap way to warm up this winter? How is your installation going? Find out everything there is to know about reversible air conditioning.

What is reversible air conditioning?

A reversible air conditioner is dual purpose equipment that has two different modes to accompany you throughout the year. Both air conditioner and heater, reversible air conditioning is an ally in the energy transition of your home.

What is reversible air conditioning?

Air conditioning and heating: comfort in all seasons

In fact, on the one hand, a reversible air conditioning Obviously, as the name suggests, it plays the role of air conditioning. In the summer, it will help you cool the ambient air to withstand the severe summer heat more easily.

On the other hand, a reversible air conditioner has another interesting mode and plays the role of heating. So, in winter, as surprising as it may seem, it is your air conditioning that will allow you to heat your interior.

A reversible air conditioner is in fact an air / air heat pump system which:

  • or take the calories from inside the house to discard them outside (to cool the house in summer),
  • or, on the contrary, take the calories from the outside air to inject them inside (to heat the house in winter).

This dual-use device will therefore allow you to bring comfort to your interior in all seasons!

The advantages of reversible air conditioning

On paper, reversible air conditioning has it all. Thanks to the operation of a reversible air conditioner, this device has several advantages:

  • Live comfortably in your home, regardless of the season;
  • Efficiency of temperature modulation : the accommodation cools and heats up very quickly thanks to the reversible air conditioning;
  • Very simple installation;
  • The multisplit reversible air conditioning models allow you to individually adjust the temperature of each room;
  • Save Money: Reversible air conditioning is an economical heating method;
  • Ambient air filtration for healthier environments.
The advantages of reversible air conditioning

Is it a cheap way to warm up this winter?

The question you have a right to ask yourself is the profitability of the reversible air conditioner. Indeed, the costs incurred for heating are particularly high every year in French homes.

Regardless of the type of energy you rely on to heat your home in winter, it has been observed that reversible air conditioning can bring very interesting savings, both in summer and in winter.

On average, you can expect save about 30% on your energy bill thanks to reversible air conditioning. Don’t hesitate to ask a professional about the savings you could make depending on your home.

Tip: Some devices allow you to precisely adjust the temperatures in each room, which helps to save even more.

How is your installation going?

For install reversible air conditioning, it is first necessary to choose the positions of the outdoor and indoor units of the equipment. This will reduce any noise pollution and the risk of freezing the outdoor unit, as well as distribute the temperature more evenly in the rooms of the house.

Therefore, it is essential to rely on certified professionals for the installation of your reversible air conditioner. The installer will know how to choose the right locations as well as doing the minimum work to allow you to take advantage of all the advantages of this hybrid air conditioner / heater.

To know: if you want to install a reversible air conditioner, know that it is possible to be entitled to financial help for the purchase and installation of this type of system. Your installer will be able to inform you about the various reductions you can obtain (energy savings certificates (EEC), VAT reduced to 10% on work, Anah aid, etc.).

Finally, it should be borne in mind that in the context of the construction of a single-family house, the installation of an upstream reversible air conditioner optimizes project costs and device performance.

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