Season 8 changes everything to make you love the cast

Season 8 changes everything to make you love the cast

Season 8 changes everything to make you love the cast

For its eighth season, Top Chef goal almost everything changes. Even Philippe Etchebest has decided to change his look with a mustache! Rest assured, this isn’t the biggest news the culinary competition has to offer as of this Monday 5th September at 6:40 pm on M6. The academy opened last year is already closing its doors, giving way to the ephemeral restaurant. From now on, customers and anonymous personalities will be able to taste the dishes proposed by the candidates.

Guests include David Douillet, Jérémy Frérot, Diane Leyre, Tibo Inshape and Juju Fitcats, but also large families, Moulin Rouge dancers, motorcyclists and firefighters. “We are in a kitchen that is at the same time a vector of excellence but we also wanted closeness, an accessible cuisine close to our daily life”, justifies Guillaume Charles, general manager of M6 programs. At the end of the competition, the price remains unchanged: the winner will become part of the blue brigade of Top Chef next year.

Pierre Chomet to the rescue

Outside a new filming location (chosen to allow Philippe Etchebest to shoot the show during the day and be in his restaurant kitchen in the evening), guests express their opinion and even hold decision-making power. . “They are not there to be extras,” warns the chef. During the first try, anonymous people and celebrities choose the dish they liked the least. Automatically, the person who invented it will be sent to the delete session.

Even if he doesn’t have the right to direct them, a new guy will be there to collect their impressions. This is Pierre Chomet, emblematic face of the twelfth season of Top Chef, reached the quarter-finals. “When I left, a lot of people came to see me saying I was doing well on TV, it stuck in my mind,” she testifies. So when the channel asks him if he wants to accompany Philippe Etchebest, without even knowing what a show he was, the chef immediately accepts. After launching and viewing the images internally, he joined the adventure.

New mechanics for a “better reading” of the audience

“Until now I was alone, I had to meet the families, talk to them, says Philippe Etchebest. The arrival of Pierre relieves me in the daily shooting and allows me to focus more on the culinary part and on the training of young people ”. Because there too there is a change with a significant reduction in the number of participants (from 108 candidates last season to 60 this year) and a new mechanic. Six competitors compete every week and one of them is eliminated every day. On Friday, the two finalists try to get a ticket for the national final.

What Philippe Etchebest likes is to participate in the competition “from the beginning” by first involving the candidates in pairs, then seeing their skills when they cook alone. What changes for viewers is that they will be able to get attached to the cast much more quickly. “I used to see all the candidates but perhaps viewers could forget the first one who entered the show, acknowledges the juror of Top Chef. There we see them, we identify them and it is easier to follow them. This allows for better reading by viewers ”. The chef, therefore, instructs them even more assiduously.

A high level of demand for more results

This cast, precisely, has the level to integrate Top Chef ? The question does not even arise for Philippe Etchebest. “I received three-star chefs who were blown away by what was presented,” he promises. Candidates are conditioned, I push them to go further and I myself am surprised at where they can go. The room for improvement is evident “. And if none of them bluff you from the first few episodes, so is the chef. “Maybe my demands are too high from the start, but that’s why we have results,” he says.

The bar is high and things cannot be otherwise. The mentor swears, he would not have “claimed” that a person integrates the competition because he is telegenic. “What interests me is cooking, I have no time to waste with people who have nothing to do in the program,” he says. And it is with the same frankness that the restaurateur will put pressure on the cooks to test and stress them. Such a situation will destabilize more than one candidate and soften more than one viewer.

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