Servière’s lifestyle shocks Internet users

Servière’s lifestyle shocks Internet users

Servière’s lifestyle shocks Internet users

This Thursday, September 15, the great announcement of the Servières in

This Thursday, September 15, Servières’ big announcement in “Big Families” challenged Internet users. TF1 screen capture

This Thursday, September 15, two issues of “Families numerous, life in XXL” were broadcast on TF1. During the new installment, internet users were challenged by the lifestyle of the Servières family, which they find difficult to understand.

The most famous large families of the small screen returned this Thursday, September 15 on TF1. Like every day, the first episode was a rerun of the day before. A moving moment that essentially followed the Cordule family during Justine’s last ultrasound. Fortunately, the mother of the family was reassured, her child is in perfect health. Alongside the new episode of the “Great Families” day, the tribes Colas, Provenchère, Gonzalez and Servières were highlighted. And one thing is certain, is that the daily life of these XXL clans was particularly hectic.

Discover Franck and Mélanie Gonzalez from Jordan:

If the spectators were able to attend a traditional Sunday mass for the Colas family, they also attended the first anniversary of Laëtitia Provenchère’s triplets. This single mother of four wanted to celebrate this special day with her mother and her sister. This is an important step for her, as she managed to “survive” and raise her family, despite her husband’s tragic death. This episode of “Large Families” was also punctuated by Margot Gonzalez’s surprise birthday party and it was also a stressful day for the girl. Her father and her mother first met her boyfriend. Fortunately, the good atmosphere and humor were present.

“Count pennies for cents, but be babies again”

However, it is the Servières family that has caused the most buzz on Twitter. This XXL tribe with an “XXS budget” is not unanimous on the Web. Laëtitia and Sébastien had a big announcement to make to their children. They brought them all together to warn them that they were going to the zoo the next day and sold it “as if it were Disneyland”. An ad that flopped on the Web. Many Internet users deplored the fact that the Servière “tighten their belts, count a penny for a cent, can’t do many things”, but have “consoles and a huge TV”. Some have speculated that the “back to school bonus” could have been used to afford these gadgets. Either way, for Twitos, this lifestyle isn’t ideal. They wonder why they have “so many children” when they limit themselves to everything. In addition, subscribers to the bluebird social network think that the children of Laëtitia and Sébastien Servières are not doing enough activity, due to lack of means.

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