Sleep disturbances: here’s the soldiers’ technique to fall asleep in 2 minutes flat!

Sleep disturbances: here’s the soldiers’ technique to fall asleep in 2 minutes flat!

Sleep disturbances: here’s the soldiers’ technique to fall asleep in 2 minutes flat!

If you encounter a great difficulty or even sleep disorders The evening. And that you find yourself in your bed counting the hours until you wake up. A solution exists! The French sleep on average 6 hours and 45 minutes a nightaccording to the French public health barometer. For the first time since sleep was observed epidemiologically in France, the average nighttime sleep time is less than 7 hours “, The specialists warn. The fault lies in particular with the development of night work and screens. Difficult to fall asleep after spending an evening on your computer or smartphone? So, to sink into Morpheus’ arms faster, here is a technique that will allow you to fall asleep. in two minutes flat. It was adopted by the US military and will probably save you sleep. We tell you everything!

The foolproof technique against sleep disorders

Basically, here’s how to do it. First of all, lie down comfortably and relaxes all the muscles of the face. And this, including the tongue, jaw and eye area. It may seem strange at first. But we must be careful in these areas and imagine that they become “soft”, even that they “melt”. Secondly, relax your shoulder muscles by lowering them as much as possible. Relax your arms by lifting them up and then letting them fall onto the mattress several times. You can even imagine them “sinking” completely into the mattress. Breathe in very hard through your nose, then breathe out through your mouth for a long time. relaxing the leg muscles. Whether it’s the thighs, calves and feet, everything needs to be relaxed. Again, to combat sleep disorders, it’s a matter of imagination!

The last step is to clear your mind for at least 10 seconds. To do this, close your eyes and imagine yourself on a beach. Lying on a towel, to the sound of the wind and the birds. If you can’t, repeat ” don’t think about anything, don’t think about anything, don’t think about anything in your head. And this, for about ten seconds. This technique, inspired by sophrology, it works for 96% of people who test it, after only 6 weeks of daily practice. Basically, you can then forget about your sleep disorders and enjoy a good night’s sleep.

A second option

If this technique fails fight against your sleep disorders, here you will find other effective tips to help you fall asleep. In an article on this topic, a doctor from the Rennes sleep center mentioned some solutions. To make it easier to find a way to sleep, Dr. Prigent recalled that it is better ” sleep in a cool, dark and quiet room with no television, go to bed and get up at set times “Above all, he insists, screens should be avoided at all costs when going to bed: They produce light, which is an external synchronizer, a brain rhythm donor, which will send an awakening message through the retina “.

And if with all these tricksyou still can’t solve your sleep problems: ” Above all, do not eat: food is also a synchronizer. You can optionally drink a glass of water. If you have obsessive thoughts, writing them down is a good way to get rid of them. After that, you need to go back to bed and relax as much as possible. “.

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