Soccer – Toulouse – Stade de Reims (the game and the players).  Champenois to absent subscribers

Soccer – Toulouse – Stade de Reims (the game and the players). Champenois to absent subscribers

Soccer – Toulouse – Stade de Reims (the game and the players).  Champenois to absent subscribers

Difficult to find extenuating circumstances for the Rémois, caught in the blame for a failed match up and down on the pitch of a slightly more inspired promotion.

Coach William Still helpless ... like his players.
Coach William Still helpless … like his players.

Patrick PENTZ

Is it less effective than its predecessor? In any case, the Austrian international does not exude the same authority in his area and hardly impresses opponents forwards. Perhaps this is also why the latter, like Abukhlal, are so relaxed when trying to make a decisive move. We almost get to blame him for not having worked a miracle to score a point for his team in great collective difficulty.


He really had to stay on the pitch until the 88th minute, when he will be replaced by Mitchell VAN BERGEN
? His insufficient passing quality became an additional handicap as his team had to create something to come back.

Emmanuel AGBADOU

He is almost the only one to have evolved to his level. Powerful in duels, with a placement that will have allowed him to recover several times, he reassured himself on an individual level by finding his true position. This will perhaps allow him to take on more responsibilities as a collective steward in the coming weeks.


When he admitted, at half time, that his team did not have a defensive penalty, he counted himself in the draw for the space left to Aboukhlal in the victorious action of the afternoon. But it can’t be everywhere either, given its extra efforts to seal a left side where air currents plummet.

Alessio overturns

He will not have offered any solution in the first period despite the amount of balls recovered. Perhaps out of caution with a fairly low investment. Inexperienced in the management of a corridor, he shows shortcomings as soon as the opponent plays behind him. Guilty of a foul in the position of last defender which logically earned him the expulsion, he will have lacked the clarity to play the situation of one against a defensive if not facing desperately. But everything, in the course of this 60th minute action, is a collective mistake …


He had much to be forgiven for after his expulsion from Angers. And his start to the game was encouraging. He will have had everything fine for 10 minutes and then he will be back on the line. Can we consider that he is still in a period of adaptation to the game played in Ligue 1? If the answer is no, then he will fight to be the club’s prediction midfielder. It is up to him to prove otherwise. Replaced by Dion LOPY (66 °).

Marshall MUNETSI

Positioned on the left flank of Rémois’ recovery brace, he will have been less visible than usual as he will have stayed more often in the starting blocks in the ball possession phase. Téfécé’s defense left him no room when he poked his nose into the opponent’s 16.50 meters at the end of the match.

Bradley Locko

He will have had good offensive impulses but will not have been able to put his ideas in order by continuing his action. In defense, he will have been caught several times for lack of approximation or positioning of the pass. Replaced by Massimo Busi (46 °) who will have brought the best but without being transcendent in what he will have experienced.

Notes Toulouse jpg


What a lack of inspiration in his offensive choices! The defense of the Violets will have quickly decoded his somewhat too systematic search for Balogun. Rare will have been his services to reach the feet of a teammate. However, it was a dream match for him given the number of balls lost so little by Montanier’s men. His replacement in the second half, Arber ZENELIhe will not really have advocated his cause by being excessively disordered in all his undertakings.

Junya ITO

A lot of activity in the first period but never served in the right time. When he was served, which rarely happened in the first half. For the first time this season, the member of “Samourai Blue” will not have created any positive action. Replaced by Nathanael MBUKU (80 °) who will have tried to create displacements from the game in small spaces.


He will quickly find his back to the opponent’s goal and surrounded by Toulouse defenders. In his gestures he must have shown an embarrassment that until now we did not know him. He will also be too rushed when Dupé returned the ball to him 20 meters from the goal by placing a direct shot on the goalkeeper. The turning point of the match, at Reims, because who can say that the guests will have had a more obvious opportunity to score than in this 6 ‘?

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