“Special Envoy” reveals a rather improvised technical formation

“Special Envoy” reveals a rather improvised technical formation

“Special Envoy” reveals a rather improvised technical formation

How is the fiber network implemented? In France, an infrastructure operator takes care of it … up to a shared closet near your home or located in your building. Then the commercial operator with whom you have subscribed to a fiber offer (such as SFR, Orange, Free, etc.) must connect your home to the network. And it is often at this stage of the installation that the problems begin. On the sites of these access providers, hundreds of complaints denounce various degradations or premature cuts to the network.

“You don’t need a diploma, nothing at all”

Who are these technicians that ISPs send to your home? Charles, one of our journalists, followed a course with a hidden camera that was supposed to introduce him to the use of optical fiber. Does the technician in charge of your training have the necessary skills? First he “reassures” Charles in these terms: “You don’t need a diploma, nothing at all: just you, your brain and your balls.” Then make sure you did “never tinkered [s]for life before “. He says he has already trained “From 10 to 15 children in two days”.

This first day begins with a new customer, eager to see the fiber cable arrive in her living room. The technician starts drilling a load-bearing wall, risking weakening it. He punches a second time, on the other side of the wall, near the first hole, without informing the client of his mistake. He took care to get him to sign a form which, according to him, relieves him of any responsibility.

A cascade of companies out of control?

After an installation that lasted two and a half hours and made several holes in the walls of the house (neither filled nor cleaned), the customer is finally connected. Yes, the connection works, but how can operators tolerate such practices?

It’s just that our “coach” doesn’t work directly for one of them. As a self-contractor, he is actually a subcontractor of another subcontractor, on behalf of an Internet Service Provider. A cascade of companies that seem to get out of control … and don’t just break through your walls; because it is often these self-employed people who also intervene in the heart of the network. And careless practices like our technician’s can undermine an almost new high-speed network …

Extract from “Fiber optic: frying online”, survey to be seen in “Special Correspondent” on 8 September 2022.

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