Sporting crucifies Tottenham, Inter revives against Plzen

Sporting crucifies Tottenham, Inter revives against Plzen

Sporting crucifies Tottenham, Inter revives against Plzen

OM will host Eintracht Frankfurt tonight, but this second day of the Champions League group stage kicked off at 6.45pm and involved the French club. Winner of the Olympics last week, Tottenham went to Sporting’s lawn. For this trip Antonio Conte simply changed Lenglet in Romero compared to his eleven six days ago for an equivalent overall performance: the average. Moved at the beginning of the game, the English seemed to be behind them and had the same difficulties in deploying their game.

What’s after this announcement

Lloris worked for the first time (7th), then saw Trincao miss the target (27th). Only Richarlison responded with his speed, but he was flagged for offside too many times to really matter in this match. The Brazilian was also logically denied a goal (42nd). The Portuguese also did not shine, and he also relied on an exploit by Marcus Edwards to try to unblock the situation. The winger trained in Tottenhem found himself against a capital stop by the French goalkeeper (45 ° + 2).

Sport comes first

Better the Spurs back from the locker room, like Emerson. The team (49th, 50th) then Harry Kane (54th) even forced Adan to parade. This lap of speed was not enough to make a difference. On the contrary, also because it is the Leões who finish stronger than this match. Lloris once again made a great save on this spiral shot from Porro (90 °) but lost on the next corner and Paulinho’s victorious header (90 ° + 2). The victory will be even greater since Arthur Gomes on his first ball broke through a solitary raid (90 ° + 3) offering a 2-0 success. Sporting wins first place in only group D.

At the same time, Viktoria Plzen received Inter Milan for a Group C match. Beaten a week ago, the two sides had to win in order not to jeopardize their chance to qualify for the next round. It is no coincidence that against Petit Poucet in this group, who played this match in ten in the last half hour of play, it was the Nerazzurri who emerged victorious from this 2-0 duel. Dzeko (20th) and Dumfries (70th) are the scorers of the evening. They allow their team to return to the field against Bayern and Barça, who face each other tonight in Munich.

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