Teleprompter problems, “shocking” humor … who is Alexandra Pizzagali, whose column has caused discomfort?

Teleprompter problems, “shocking” humor … who is Alexandra Pizzagali, whose column has caused discomfort?

Teleprompter problems, “shocking” humor … who is Alexandra Pizzagali, whose column has caused discomfort?

Comedian Alexandra Pizzageli presented her first column on France 2 on Monday 5 September, but not everyone liked it.

For the first time, Alexandra Pizzageli did not go unnoticed. The comedian made this Monday, September 5, his return to France 2, in the “Télématin” program. But his intervention was marked by many bugs and technical problems. His jokes weren’t to the taste of all viewers …

If there is a second, Alexandra Pizzagalli will always remember her first @TeleMatin \ ud83d \ ude31
Her specialty, discomfort, but was well helped by the condition of her appearance on the air. \ ud83d \ ude2c#Nice # Bello06

– Actualites NRV Nice RendezVous \ u2600 \ ufe0f \ ud83d \ ude0e (@actualites_nrv) September 5, 2022

Ready failure and clumsiness

In front of the presenters Julia Vignali and Maya Lauqué, the young woman first stammered, after a failure of the teleprompter, before chaining the lines. “Mohamed Lahouaiej-Bouhlel, no effort made for the pronunciation of his name, at the same time, it took to respect the Highway Code, I don’t think”, began Alexandra Pizzagali for her first column broadcast on France 2, shortly before 8:00. Before continuing with a sort of portrait of the perpetrator of the Nice bombing, who killed 86 people on July 14, 2016, and whom she describes in particular as a “salsa and bodybuilding enthusiast (…) who looks a lot like the she is his ideal man. “

But on the set you don’t laugh or smile. The pub break will finally put an end to the hiccups. On her Instagram account of her, the thirty-year-old, who could not finish her carte blanche, wanted to react.

According to information from Good morningsome journalists from France 2 had “expressed reservations” on the subject of this carte blanche and asked Alexandra Pizzagali to “review her copy”.

Who is Alessandra Pizzageli?

Alexandra Pizzagali is a French comedian of Italian, Breton and Norman origins. She was born in the 8th arrondissement of Paris in 1988, then she grew up between the capital and the Val d’Oise and spent all her holidays in Brittany. After her studies in communication, she enrolls in the Cours Florent where she takes classes for two years, before writing her first one-woman-show: It’s in the head.

Known for her “dark humor”, the 30-year-old has been described as such by The world in February 2022: “How far would you have to go to stand out in a very crowded humorous landscape? Up to the madness one might answer (…) This emerging artist handles horror, extravagance and counter-attack without fear of disturbing. His the play is precise, his writing refined, his subjects transgressive “.

In particular, he won the Jury Prize at the Macôn Festival 2018, the Grand Jury Prize at the National Humor Festival in Tournon-sur-Rhône, the Press Prize at the Gerson Festival in Lyon, the Jury Prize at the 21st edition of festival. SACD Award – Festival Printemps du Rire 2018.

In the summer of 2019 he opened the Festival du Rire in Draguignan. In addition to the stage, she has also been invited several times to the Rire et Chansons airwaves between 2018 and 2019, details in particular Here you are.

France Televisions apologizes

“France Télévisions and the Télématin teams deeply regret that a humorous column broadcast on Monday offended many viewers”, reacted France Télévisions to Var morning. “We would like to sincerely apologize and express our solidarity with the victims of the Nice attack and their loved ones,” continued the public group, while the trial against the Nice attack opened on Monday 5 September.

On Instagram, the artist has made an appointment with the public next Monday for his second column on Télématin.

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