tell of these incredible coincidences

tell of these incredible coincidences

tell of these incredible coincidences

One day, in front of a sunset in the Atacama Desert, in Chile, we admire the bright stone horizon. We are 10,000 km from home, very far from our family environment and we hear whispering near us: “She is the lady of Western France. “

And now, in this sculpted landscape of volcanoes admired by other tourists, you come across young people you interviewed a few months earlier, in the small Breton town where you work!

Yes, the coincidences amaze us. We are amazed when we recognize someone in a distant or unexpected place; we are amazed when we discover an unsuspected personal connection with someone else. So we repeat it “Surely the world is small”.

What is the probability of such a meeting? Is it fortuitous? How likely were we to come across a familiar face so far away? We have all experienced situations like this. To be sure, what would be the most exceptional is never witnessing coincidences. When you do the math, you see that humans are often very surprised by things that aren’t that surprising according to probability theory. ” notes Nicolas Gauvrit, lecturer-researcher at the University of Lille in cognitive sciences. We will understand why, with him, in a second article.

In the meantime, let’s savor these little unexpected things. Men and women shared their stories with us.

“I don’t think you know”: yet …

Like Luisa. She then lives in Bordeaux to study at Sciences Po, after leaving the Paris region where she grew up. Just before Christmas, she talks to her small group of prom friends about what they do during the holidays. “One of them tells me that he will return to his parents in the Pyrenees. I ask him where they live. “ Response of the defendant:

“It’s a small village. I don’t think you know.

Say it anyway.

It is called Lasa. “

Everything is suddenly articulated in Louise’s mind. Yes, her classmate is red, like the girl she played with as a child, fifteen years before her, one summer in the Pyrenees. Yes, her parents run a hotel, the same where Louise and her family stayed when she was 8, in a village of 130 inhabitants.

We’ve known each other for a long time actually. I came to the hotel and we played together for a week! The owners had children of our age, says Louise, 23. I got along very well with the little girl of the house. I had great memories of it. “

Since then, Louise’s mother has found photos of the two girls together, ephemeral holiday friends who became classy friends without knowing it.

He runs into his fellow Stalag whom he hasn’t seen since the war.

Charles Muller (surnames have been changed) and his wife are visiting one of their children, who has just moved to Nantes for work. “My grandparents came to discover our new home and we took a tour of the classics of the city together. The cathedral, the castle of the Dukes of Brittany … “, says Corinne, 50 years old. We are in 1972. His grandfather and grandmother are from Lorraine: they live near Nancy, it is the first time in their life that they have come to Nantes.

They enter the vast courtyard of the castle. “A gentleman is sitting there. My grandfather and this gentleman look at each other for a while. “ Not a word. The family continues the visit and goes around the building.

As they leave, they pass the seated man again. He and Corinne’s grandfather approach. How to see yourself better. Suddenly they exclaim:

– “ Muller!

Moreau! “

“They had been together with Stalag IIB, in Pomerania! “, Corinna continues. These comrades in misfortune had not seen each other since 1942 or 1943: they crossed paths by chance thirty years later.

“My grandfather was taken prisoner in 1940”, tell…“…

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