The 6 Steam games of the week not to be missed!

The 6 Steam games of the week not to be missed!

The 6 Steam games of the week not to be missed!

Game news The 6 Steam games of the week not to be missed!

Let’s start the week in the best way … With Steam games! On the program RPGs, management, constructions and a narrative game … Enough to find a smile again in this month of September!

Guardian of the road

An old school RPG, anyone? Pixel art and illustrated text are the hallmarks of this sinister fantasy game. You will play as a brave outsider who is not afraid to explore the wilds and fight hostile creatures. Before starting the adventure, you can choose your class (warrior, mage or scholar) and your skills. All covered with deep dialogue to immerse yourself completely in this dark universe.

Release date: 12 September

Saloon Deadwater

If the Wild West seduces you, let us tell you about Deadwater Saloon, a management game in which you have to build the most famous saloon in the area … or get overwhelmed and destroyed, it’s up to you! Customize your character, talk to citizens to bond or create enemies with outlaws and travelers. Build your saloon from scratch and manage its economic system by storing all kinds of food … It makes you thirsty!

Release date: 13 September

The wandering village

We remain in the construction with The Wandering Village which has a rather original element … Build a city on the back of a gigantic wandering creature. Suffice it to say it adds challenge! In this world where poisonous plants constantly spread over the earth, a small group of survivors seek refuge on the back of a colossal creature called “Onbu”. You will be their leader and manage this mobile city to best survive in this particularly hostile world.

Release date: September 14

Ankora: days lost

A wild planet to explore to build your home and tools, yes, but with joy and good humor! In this very cute and colorful survival game, you will play as Mûn, a young ranger stuck on Ankora, an unknown planet. You will not hesitate to face the various obstacles that will stand in your way.

Release date: September 14th

Absolute Tactics: Daughters of Mercy

In a completely different genre, here’s a turn-based tactical RPG full of modernity. It will take strategy and ingenuity to defeat your enemies. Every position and skill of your characters will be crucial to your victory in this RPG accessible to both beginners and players looking for real challenges.

Release date: September 15

Rebel Thread

We close this selection with Wayward Strand which takes place in 1978, in the height of summer. You play Casey who will spend the weekend in a hospital like no other, an aerial hospital that looks like an airship. He listens to crew members, patients and other characters to write an article in the high school newspaper. A sweet story!

Release date: September 15

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