the city bans advertising for meat, a world first

the city bans advertising for meat, a world first

the city bans advertising for meat, a world first

The environmental party of the Dutch city of Haarlem believes that people should no longer be encouraged to eat meat.

Unprecedented decision: In the Netherlands, the city of Haarlem, located west of Amsterdam, plans to ban most meat advertisements in public spaces. According to the BBC news site, this measure, at the initiative of the green party GroenLinks, will take effect from 2024, after adding meat to a list of products considered harmful to the climate.

Ads promoting a meat-based diet will therefore be banned on buses and city screens. The newspaper Dutch news, GroenLinks consultant Ziggy Klazes justified himself as follows: “We can’t tell people there is a climate crisis and encourage them to buy products that cause it.”

Strong reactions

Within the Haarlem city council, however, this decision was not unanimous. Sander van den Raadt, leader of the conservative Trots party joked: “It is remarkable that the municipality of Haarlem organizes a large poster campaign so that you can be yourself in Haarlem and love whoever you want, but if you like meat instead of tender grass, the “sponsorship brigade” will come and tell you that you are completely wrong.

The meat sector strongly objected to this decision, believing the municipality was going “Too far in telling people what’s best for them “And he decided to react by launching a campaign called “Nederland Vleesland” aimed at encouraging the consumption of meat such asa matter of tasteand as an economic advantage.

Meat eaters still make up around 95% of the Netherlands’ population, according to the Dutch Statistical Office (CBS). More than half do not eat meat on weekdays and only 5% of the population does not eat meat, according to CBS 2021 data.

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