The crazy revelations about Mathias Pogba, FC Barcelona have found Xavi’s successor

The crazy revelations about Mathias Pogba, FC Barcelona have found Xavi’s successor

The crazy revelations about Mathias Pogba, FC Barcelona have found Xavi’s successor

What’s after this announcement

Mathias Pogba a little more in turmoil

In France, the newspaper The Parisian returns in its internal pages to the Pogba story that takes a new turn! The newspaper reports that Brother Pioche has a “very active role among blackmailers. In police custody, Mathias Pogba confirmed that he took the initiative to shoot a video involving his brother. He is suspected of helping blackmailers locate the world champion.The investigators would be certain that Mathias was present with the blackmailers at the Juve training center last July. “In police custody, the suspect admitted rather awkwardly at a hearing that he took the initiative to shoot the video he only released on August 27. In this he promised “revelations” about his brother, whom he accused of having called a marabout to cast a spell on some of his relatives and on Kylian Mbappé, his teammate in the France team. A source close to the case explains that three of the people in custody say they have been subjected to threats from other members of the organization. Also the subject of more serious facts: one would have seen his car burned, another would have suffered a gunshot wound to the hand. Some of these facts would have been filmed and shown to Paul Pogba’s mother to increase the pressure. Investigators also found that some of the suspects had deleted more data from their phones …In short, it’s a dark story and it’s far from over!

Gavi, Xavi’s successor

In Spain, yesterday was a party in Barcelona! The Catalan club has announced the extension of its young star Gavi to Camp Nou in front of 5,000 people. Billed as the new Xavi, the 18-year-old midfielder is the “present and futureof the Blaugrana, he writes Sport. He has extended his contract until 2026 and must become Xavi’s successor, who is now his coach … For Laporta: “It is a historic day because it speaks of Barca’s immediate present and future.Gavi told him for his part that: “It’s something I’ve been talking about since I was a kid. It has always been clear to me that I wanted to be successful here.Mundo Deportivo also takes up this good news and in particular a crack declaration that he wants “be successful here!

Black Thursday for French football

Back in France, with a good old habit that we would have done well: the black Thursdays of the French clubs in the European Cup. And it starts with AS Monaco beaten by Ferencvaros (1-0). For Munich morningit’s a real oneclubWhich the Monegasques conceded against the Hungarians. The Principality club is third in their Europa League group and will have to work hard to hope to make it through the group stage. It was not the night of the French clubs last night because OGC Nice could not do better than a draw (1-1) against Partizan Belgrade in the Europa Conference League. But for Good morning, the Eagles haveheld the shock in Belgrade.This was not the case with Stade Rennais at home against Fernerbahçe with a 2-2 draw. And as a summary Western France, the Rennais have been captured by the Istanbul club. Finally, to be complete on the results of the French clubs, FC Nantes have literally sunk and “shipwrecked in Baku»Against Karabagh (3-0) as written The group in its internal pages. In short, an evening to forget for French clubs …

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