The documents seized from Trump were “probably hidden” to obstruct the investigation

The documents seized from Trump were “probably hidden” to obstruct the investigation

The documents seized from Trump were “probably hidden” to obstruct the investigation

Trump’s legal storm does not subside. As the former president and his supporters protested a thorough search of his Florida residence, demanding explanations, they were notified: the seized documents were “likely hidden” there to hinder investigations into Donald Trump, a Department document says. of Justice on Tuesday. This procedural document explains in the most detail to date the reasons that led the FBI to search the former president’s residence on August 8 to retrieve highly confidential documents that he had not returned after leaving the White House, despite the multiple requests.

Prior to the operation, the FBI uncovered “multiple sources of evidence” showing that “confidential documents” were still at Donald Trump’s vast residence in Mar-a-Lago, the document said. “The government also had evidence that government documents were likely hidden and removed … and that action was likely taken to obstruct his investigation of him,” he added.

“These documents do not belong” to Donald Trump

The Justice Department says it explained the process that led to the raid, in order to “correct the incomplete and inaccurate report presented in the statements” by the former president. The department’s statement responds to a request made last week by Donald Trump, who feels persecuted by the government, to have the documents of a third party independent of his home seized by the FBI.

But appointing this third party could block investigators’ access to documents, and justice should not do so “because these (seized) documents do not belong” to Donald Trump, the Justice Ministry note emphasizes. Such an appointment “is not necessary and would seriously harm the interests of the government, including in terms of national security”, it is stressed.

The “witch hunt”

According to the Justice Department, some of the documents seized on August 8 bore the “HCS” sign, which in the jargon of the US intelligence community refers to information provided by “human sources”, whistleblowers and other undercover agents. Investigators suspect that the Republican has violated an American espionage law that very strictly regulates the possession of confidential documents. Donald Trump assures him that these documents have been declassified.

The Republican, who flirts with the idea of ​​a presidential candidacy in 2024, denounces a “witch hunt” conducted against him by the administration of his successor Joe Biden, and believes that justice should “never have authorized this raid. ” at his house.

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