the draw makes a millionaire on the Internet

the draw makes a millionaire on the Internet

the draw makes a millionaire on the Internet

The Euromillions My Million draw will take place on Tuesday 6 September 2022 with a brand new jackpot of € 17 million. The kitten, in fact, was won last Friday by an English player, pocketing the hefty sum of 128 million euros after weeks of growth without ever having been won! Today you can play your cards until 8.15 pm, but above all follow the result of this draw starting at 9.15 pm.

Update 06/09/2022 20:56: an internet player becomes a millionaire today

Part of the Euromillions My Million draw is known and it is through the My Million code that starts this evening of Tuesday 6 September. Tonight, it is on Interent that a player has just won € 1 million, this player becomes one of the many My Million winners of this year 2022 in France. The winning numbers for the Euromillions draw will also be announced in a few minutes.

With over 30 million grids played across Europe for nearly 3 million winning grids, the last night of the Euromillions attracted a large number of players, all of whom came looking for the € 128 million pot. Of all these grids played, only one English player had the chance to come out 128 million euros richer by finding the 7 winning numbers. In addition to this lucky winner, 5 people in Europe have won € 193,000 by moving up to second place, including a French player.

Today the Euromillions draw for this Tuesday 6 September 2022 features a brand new jackpot of € 17 million, a new kitten that can be won by playing at least one grid for € 2.50.

Play a Euromillions My Million grid online until 8:15 pm tonight

To try your luck in a Euromillions My Million draw, you need to select 5 numbers and 2 stars to create a simple grid.

Sold for € 2.50, a simple Euromillions grid gives you 1 in 139 million chance of winning the jackpot, which is € 17 million today. Several guides are present on to guide you in the choice to make regarding your Euromillions stake. Follow our tips to play this Tuesday 6 September 2022, access to all information is free.

Friday 09 September 2022 € 130,000,000 day Now min dry Play

The results of the My Million and Euromillions draws are available for free from 20:50.

With the announcement of the results in the evening from 20:50, you will be several tens of thousands of players who will want to win all or part of the Euromillions jackpot of the day.

The program this evening of September 6 will be classic, it will be composed of the results of the My Million draw from 20:50, which will announce the winning code and the region where the winning grid has been ticked as well as the winning numbers of the Euromillions that will be drawn , accessible from 9.15pm. The evening will end starting at 22:00 with the publication of the earnings report, which will remain freely available for 60 days before being archived.

Whatever the outcome of this Euromillions draw on 6 Septemberthe next jackpot will show € 130 million for the super draw on 9 September.

FAQ: Frequently asked questions about Euromillions My Million

How do you play an online Euromillions grid today?

To play a Euromillions grid online, you need to open an account on the Française des jeux site, the only site through which you can play a grid. You will then have to choose 5 numbers and 2 stars and validate the game grid by 8:15 pm on Tuesday 6 September. ▶ Play your Euromillions grid here

Until what time can we participate in the Euromillions draw of the day?

As with any Euromillions My Million draw in France, you will have until 8.15pm to purchase your ticket online or at a point of sale. Every Tuesday and Friday ticket sales close at 8.15pm sharp, don’t be late today. ▶ Play your Euromillions grid here

What time will the Euromillions results be available this Tuesday evening?

Euromillions My Million draw results will be posted online from 20:50 for the winning lottery code and from 21:15 for Euromillions results announcements. All these results will be published for free on

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