The duration of Kylian Mbappé’s contract, a headache for PSG

The duration of Kylian Mbappé’s contract, a headache for PSG

The duration of Kylian Mbappé’s contract, a headache for PSG

What’s after this announcement

Although he looked very close to signing with Real Madrid at the end of last season, Kylian Mbappé had finally decided otherwise. “I am very happy to continue the adventure, to stay here in France in my city. I have always said that Paris was my home. I hope to continue doing what I love most: playing football and continuing to win trophies with all of you. Then the 2018 world champion intervened. At that moment, the joy of the Parisian fans contrasted with the contempt of the Madrid management. A great victory for the Parisian board against its Spanish counterparts.

Since then, Bondynois have had a fantastic start to the season. Author of nine successes in seven games in all competitions, the international tricolor walks on water as on his opponents. However, several black points darken an almost perfect image. With his teammates, at the moment, everything is not rosy. After the controversy over the “penaltygate”, a new video has made the rounds of social media, where Mbappé is seen attacking Achraf Hakimi, accusing him of not having given him the ball with a certain tone. In addition to the various tensions that exist with PSG teammates, a contractual detail is now added to the practices to be managed for the Parisian sports management.

Should it be repeated at the end of the season?

Announced until 2025, Kylian Mbappé’s contract is actually two years, with an optional additional year. However, PSG has no control over the latter. A very important contractual detail was not mentioned when the Bondynois extended. In fact, according to an internal source broadcast by The group : “this last year is at the discretion of Kylian Mbappé.” If we dwell on this situation, it is ultimately far from abnormal. The French striker wanted to renew his rent with PSG but with a relatively short contract up for grabs, so as not to find himself “locked up” again. The Parisian management, on the other hand, preferred to start with a long-term contract to keep the 23-year-old player as long as possible.

The question of the duration of the KM9 contract was therefore at the center of the negotiations and a compromise was finally found between the two parties. Race results? Paris Saint-Germain will have to take an interest in the contractual details of the Habs from next summer. Otherwise the Parisian club risks finding itself in the same situation it experienced last year with an outcome in the last days of the season. A very burning issue in perspective …

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