the feud between the influencer agent and the rapper summarized in six acts

the feud between the influencer agent and the rapper summarized in six acts

the feud between the influencer agent and the rapper summarized in six acts

“You cannot be regarded by the press as an informer when you are a stalker.” Magali Berdah did not mince words, Wednesday 14 September, during a press conference broadcast by many media, including The Parisian. Without ever naming him, the reality influencers agent targeted Booba. In May, he filed a complaint against the rapper and against X for cyberbullying. An investigation is ongoing. The self-proclaimed “Duke of Boulogne” has launched for several months in reporting scams among influencers. Facts also under investigation. Franceinfo traces the thread of the remote conflict between the two personalities.

Act 1: Influencer Marc Blata accuses Booba of wearing a fake watch

The controversy began in December 2021 when former reality TV candidate Marc Blata targeted Booba. Based in Dubai since 2019, he launched the rumor that the French rapper would be wearing during a shoot a fake watch from luxury watchmaker Richard Mille. The wick is lit. Stung, Booba replies, targeting the influencer and his cryptocurrency and trading activity. It is also thanks to these activities that Marc Blata, and his wife Nadé, also an influencer, guarantee a comfortable lifestyle under the palm trees of Dubai.

On his Twitter account, the rapper challenges other influencers such as Dylan Thiry or Maeva Ghennam, who have made money through partnerships with “drop-shipping” sites. This system consists of selling more expensive products, often of poor quality, purchased on sites like Alibaba or AliExpress.

Act 2: Magali Berdah files a complaint against the rapper for harassment

One thing led to another, Booba (Elie Yaffa in his real name) goes back to one of the “popes” of this little virtual world: Magali Berdah. At the head of Shauna Events, a company created in 2016, the agent mediates between reality brands and muses, for a percentage of their business. The 40-year-old claims to have been the victim of a cabal of the rapper and his fans on social networks. When she pushes the door of a police station to file a complaint on May 25, the columnist for “Touche pas à mon poste” quotes one of Booba’s tweets that set the dust on fire a few days earlier, according to her.

In this complaint, which the magazine “Complément d’Enquête” was able to consult, the entrepreneur claims to have received “several hundred messages and death threats”some of which “anti-Semitic character”. Internet users go so far as to speak “stoning” and of “behead like Samuel Paty”, this teacher murdered by a terrorist in October 2020 in Conflans-Sainte-Honorine (Yvelines). His number and address were leaked online. The parquet opens immediately an investigation into “death threats, harassment by electronic means, public insult on grounds of origin and sex”, entrusted to the National Center for the fight against online hatred.

Act 3: the “Duke of Boulogne” launches the hashtag #influvoleurs

Strengthened by his millions of subscribers on social media the rapper improvises as a whistleblower on the scams in vogue in the universe of Instagram influencers and spouses. On June 27, he launched the hashtag “#influvoleurs “and opens a mailbox with the same name. He thus collects dozens of testimonials. According to these messages, which” Complément d’Enquête “was also able to consult, these shoppers claim, with supporting invoices, that they have ordered items with coupon codes from influencers working for Shauna Events and have never received a package or seen their money again, despite several follow-up emails. up. If, on the other hand, the product was delivered to them, it was a counterfeit produced in Asia.

Assisted by his lawyers, Booba filed two complaints in late July for “deceptive business practices” and “organized gang fraud”. One targets Shana Events and the other Marc Oceano Singainy Tevanin, aka Marc Blatafor its trading and cryptocurrency activities (NFT – non-fungible tokens). According to these complaints consulted by “Complément d’Enquête”, “it looks like a complex and organized scam system, centralized by the company Shauna Events”a “system fueled by the passivity of social networks and in particular Instagram and Snapchat, used by influencers to promote scams”.

Act 4: justice orders the cancellation of the rapper’s Instagram account

With her lawyers, Magali Berdah gets the temporary closure of Booba’s Instagram account (@OKLM), as well as her Twitter account (@booba). The rapper quickly opens a new Instagram account (@elieyaffaofficiel) and appeals to the judge in the clash chamber to demand the court decision overturned. The Criminal Court of Marseille is due to rule on this case on 3 October.

“My client is in no way responsible for these facts and actions. And Mrs. Berdah, who sometimes takes certain liberties with rigor, has never dared to claim otherwise and no one has ever attributed the slightest anti-Semitic claim to Booba.”reacts the artist’s lawyer, Patrick Klugman, in a press release.

Act 5: an investigation into the practices of Shauna Events is opened

The Prosecutor of Grasse (Alpes-Maritimes) opens an investigation on 6 September after the complaint presented by Booba for “misleading marketing practices”. The investigation, entrusted to the Antibes police station, where the company Shauna Events is registered, does not concern the facts of “organized gang scam” reported by the rapper. “We are pleased to see that the elements reported will lead to an investigation”then confides one of Booba’s lawyers, Ivan Terel. The rapper’s other complaint, which targets Marc Blata, is forwarded to the Pontoise prosecutor’s office, which has territorial jurisdiction.

Act 6: “I will not be silent”, Magali Berdah launches at the press conference

Two days after the broadcast on France 2 of the magazine “Complément d’Enquête” on “rip-offs” and the business influencer, Magali Berdah holds a press conference in Paris on the harassment of Booba accusing. “What is happening is very serious, it is happening in the eyes of all”, he says, without naming the rapper. “I cannot accept that (…) the struggle to protect our children, our families, from the excesses of the internet (…) is entrusted to a person who up to this point foments hatred on the networks”he adds, with tears in his eyes. “Everyone will take their own responsibilities. As far as I’m concerned, I remain standing and I am not silent”insists the head of the company Shauna Events.

Present at his side, his attorney Antonin Gravelin-Rodriguez lists the “over 100,000 posts” that he would target his client or relatives, some of whom were anti-Semitic in nature. The council refers to the ten complaints or further complaints filed between May and August, which, according to him, will be further completed shortly, for acts of “harassment”. Also mentions “five complaints” for other crimes, including attempted extortion or assault on his client’s daughter. A press conference that Booba did not miss a crumb and that the rapper mocked on social media.

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