the future of the franchise will be decided in a few days

the future of the franchise will be decided in a few days

the future of the franchise will be decided in a few days

This September 15 Activision will reveal the future of the Call of Duty franchise during a special broadcast.

Activision announces a special event in honor of one of its flagship franchises. During the broadcast he called Call of Duty Nextthe company will return to the next games to come, but will mainly talk about the future of the license, still unclear on many points. In question, the possible transition to exclusivity following the acquisition of Activision Blizzard by Microsoft, the release rate of the games or the new battle royale model that will be introduced in a few weeks.

Learn more about the license in general and about Modern warfare 2 scheduled for October, Activision is making an appointment with its players September 15th at 7pm French time. The event will be broadcast on Twitch, YouTube or Twitter. For the moment, the studio hasn’t revealed the program for its evening or even the duration of the broadcast, so we don’t really know what to expect … at least officially.

Change in the air

It is obvious that the last few years have upset the small world of call of Dutyand this from 2019 with the arrival of the remaster of Modern warfare. Impactful and devilishly effective, the game has established itself as one of the best in recent years and has so far failed to match in terms of gameplay experience. Then in 2020 with the disclosure of War zoneone of the most played battle royale today.

The latter, however, is the subject of numerous criticisms, in particular with regard to in-game cheating and the lack of reactivity on the part of Activision. If the Ricochet software doubles its inventiveness to punish the cheaters, and track them down to the last, it must be admitted that this plague is always a step forward and that it does not allow the franchise to evolve in the right way. Of course, all of this is just the tip of the iceberg, and the company also has to contend with upside-down internal dynamics, toxic workplace lawsuits and sexual harassment, as well as Microsoft’s takeover that ends up. turn situation upside down.

It remains to be seen whether these issues will be addressed during the showcase, although it is very likely that Activision will limit itself to the simple theme of the games to come. We also remind you that next year the company will suspend the publication of its titles for the first time in 17 years. Bad for good?

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