The governor deports migrants to the elegant island on the east coast

The governor deports migrants to the elegant island on the east coast

The governor deports migrants to the elegant island on the east coast

Ron DeSantis is the latest politician to transport immigrants to democratic strongholds across the country. Florida’s influential Republican governor on Wednesday claimed responsibility for sending two migrant planes to a posh island in the northeastern United States.

A group of about 50 Venezuelan migrants, including children, arrived on Wednesday at Martha’s Vineyard, a vacation spot for the wealthy who have hosted the Kennedys, Clintons or Obamas, according to the local newspaper. MV Times. Although the governor of Florida arranged for this transport, the migrants’ planes arrived from Texas and not his state, according to the paper.

“Many don’t know where they are”

“Migrants are disembarked on Martha’s Vineyard on charter flights from Texas. Many don’t know where they are. They say they were told they would get housing and jobs, “Local Democrat elected official Dylan Fernandes tweeted late Wednesday.

“Our island has mobilized” providing beds, meals and care, he added, specifying that the inhabitants had not been warned in advance of this arrival. Immigration policy, an explosive topic in the United States, is even more so a few weeks before the high-risk mid-term elections, Republicans accuse President Joe Biden of turning the Mexican border into a sieve.

A potential rival of Trump

Ron DeSantis, who took responsibility for this transport through the voice of his team members, thus joins a movement launched by the Republican governors of Texas and Arizona, determined to send migrants to the Democratic cities of the north and of the United States. east, with a very political gesture addressed to their constituents.

Ron DeSantis is campaigning for re-election in November. He is also seen as a potential rival to former President Donald Trump in the race for the White House in 2024. “Martha’s Vineyard residents should be thrilled,” Christina Pushaw, of the Florida governor’s announcement. “Illegal migrants will make the city more diverse, which is a strong point. No ? “

“Democratic leaders must come down from their ivory tower”

The very conservative governor of Texas Greg Abbott, a pioneer of this initiative and also campaigning for his re-election, for his part sent two buses of migrants near the residence of Democratic Vice President Kamala Harris, who arrived in Washington on Thursday morning, according to Fox News.

Transporting these migrants to Martha’s Vineyard and Washington “was a necessity,” said Andy Biggs, an Arizona Republican elected to the House of Representatives. “Democratic leaders must come down from their ivory tower and face reality. Since April, Texas has sent about 10,000 migrants to Washington, New York and, most recently, Chicago, according to the governor’s office.

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